Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas skate display

I thought I would share a little project I quickly put together.
I had seen something like this at the lodge at our cottage.
They also have an old pair or work boots with flowers in it for the summer.
I have also seen one on Beth's blog and on pinterest.

But lets get back to the winter display.
I picked up a pair of skates from the Thrift store for about $7.00.
Then went to the dollar store and picked up this sprig for $1.50.
Stuck the sprig in the skate and voila you have a pretty display.

And because I bought a pair of skates and a couple sets of sprigs, I made two of them ;)
Sorry about all the shine on this photo....but you get see how I displayed them.

Now you know how much I love my Coca-Cola. I have only been drinking one can of Coke for the whole week, including the weekend.
I have been doing pretty good, except for this weekend.
But look at all this slushy, cold Coke on the top of my glass......makes your mouth water doesn't it.

Well this is why I had so much slushy Coke in my glass. I forgot to take these 2 cans of pop out of the freezer. They were in there all night, see how they are bulging at the ends of the cans, lol.
I am so so happy that they didn't explode.
That happened to my girlfriend many years ago, she told me it was a mess to clean it out of the freezer.

 Onto My Day:
My goal for today was to wear my jammie pants, watch Christmas movies, and catch up on my emails.
I  always make wild rice casserole for the family Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve . I have to soak the wild rice the night before. But when I went to get the rice out...I  didn't even have 1/4 of a cup and I have to double the recipe as the family complained there wasn't enough, so I needed 2 full cups.
So I had to get dressed and Wayne and I ran to the reserve to pick up some.

Then we came home, I put my jammies back on, caught up on a lot of my emails and we watched A Christmas Story.
This is Heather's and my favourite Christmas movie.

I hope you all have had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. AChristmas story is a family tradition here for us as well, only recently letting the kids enjoy it with us. Love it!
    What a cute idea with the skates!
    Looks like I will have to post those gift card covers tomorrow if the internet cooperates! It has been off all day. :0(

  2. The skates look great..I should do that for next year...I think you have inspired me...DH's sister skated in Ice Capades. She went all all the world with the show and met and married an American Army Officer.
    His younger sister skated too and was invited to go to the show as well...but she chose banking and is still there...managing a department after all these years.

    Yes, skates at our door would be so appropriate...perhaps I will take one of Little Miss C's old pairs!

  3. have a great christmas tracy enjoy the time with your family

  4. Tracy, those skates look amazing - what a wonderful idea!!! Have a fabulous Christmas, from our house to your house:-)

  5. Love the skates and lucky you. Coke really does make a mess when it explodes. Merry Christmas.

  6. Such a fun, thrifty project. Very clever. Glad you had some relaxing time with your family.

  7. the skates look awesome!! hope you enjoy your day!!!! relax and enjoy!

  8. I need to think of a clever display to my sons hockey skates. He's about ready to grow out of them.

  9. I love the ice skates, such a great idea! Depending on the color of flowers, you could leave them out through the whole winter. That's one of my favorite Christmas movies too. One of the Christmas stations here plays it for 24 hours on Christmas eve every year :)

  10. Great Skate display. Sorry you had to get out of your PJ's to run and get rice. Enjoy your family time, I know I will.

  11. my favorite movie too! LOL I knew I liked you. Well Christmas movie. I think next birthday you need a bunny suit from aunt penny. LOL

  12. That's the best way to enjoy a Coke!

  13. A Christmas Story is AJ's favorite Christmas movie too!

    It sounds like you had a really nice, relaxing day (after the rice errands!)

    The skates look so pretty. I've been seeing them a lot this year, and I really like it!

  14. The skates are so cool-what a neat idea! I love coke too and don't think I could quit or even cut back to once a week. But I do keep it to 1 or less per day. That slushy coke looks SO yummy and refreshing. I'd love it if you could post your wild rice casserole recipe. I'm always looking for new things to try.


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