Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Wreath and some fun at a photo shoot.

Another Christmas project.
And they are just going to keep on coming, lol.
I don't like to post Christmas projects until December, but once December out, lol.
I am really really excited for the season this year...its been a few years that I have been excited for Christmas :)
Here is a simple Christmas wreath I had made last week, and hung it on my gate.

I found this pine wreath I purchased....ummm...many years ago.
I see the price was like $3.95 or something like that.
Its looking pretty sad, lol.

The first thing I had to do was fluff it up.
I picked up a couple of sprigs from the dollar store. Each sprig has a large poinsettia and some holly berries on them.
So I simply attached them to the wreath, each one going in the opposite direction.
Then I tied a large bow out of this sheer wired ribbon and added it to the top of the wreath.

Tada, complete.
A simple, inexpensive, yet pretty wreath for your door or in my case my front gate :)

Onto My Day:
I loved the photo that Ashley took of the three of them (Ashley, Heather and Kristy) for me for Mothers Day, that I was asking about one for our Christmas cards.
Kristy is the only one still in school (her last year at that). So I have only had her photo to put in the relatives Christmas cards for the last few years. So Ashely suggested they do a winter/Christmas photo.
She loves to do them.
So she picked out what everyone should wear and Wayne took them to the pit, to get the photo.
Here is one where they were just having fun.

She hasn't shared the one that we are going to be sending out in the cards yet.

I ended up working all day.
Working and watching a marathon of the Walking Dead for Season 3.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
I didn't create, but I watched Ashley as she made a beautiful wreath. I got her to pick up materials so she can make me one as well.
Tutorial to follow ;)



  1. Hi Tracy, your wreath is lovely and looks adorable on your gate. The photo makes me want snow sooooo bad. I live in NC and we haven't had any of the white stuff in a long time. If we do get it, it is gone the next day. Thanks for sharing you photo and wreath.

  2. Love how your wreath turned out! Love the picture of the girls...they look great especially in their black and red outfits and against the white snow it looks fantastic.


  3. Great new life out of your old wreath. (Those are the kind of projects that just make you smile a little more each time you see them :)

  4. Beautiful wreath!! I made a wreath a long time ago and used some berries from the craft store. After they froze, the berries popped! lol. Turns out they were styrofoam on the inside and they apparently got wet and then expanded when they froze.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwww it looks so nice. please pass the fun with the kids:( and the holiday spirit as all I have is the 3 day old cup of Bah Hum Bug! LOL
    Can't wait to see the pic and this one is so cute:)

  6. LOvely wreath:):):)

    I also love the photo,so fun and happy time:):)


  7. Love the wreath and best of all love the little cut out heart on your gate!

    The girls look great in the black and white against the snow...can't wait to see which photo they pick!

  8. Fabulous wreath and love the photo of your girls. TFS and have a great week.

  9. your wreath is beautiful and you girls look like they are having so much fun!!

  10. Beautiful wreath! Cute picture of your girls.

  11. Very pretty wreath and fun photo!
    I love how they coordinated their outfits :)

    I am thinking I need to add Walking Dead to my TBW list.

  12. what a gorgeous wreath.
    It makes me happy that you're going to be posting more Christmas project ideas. I'm motivated this year to get some new things made.

  13. Gorgeous wreath Tracy... I love it and the photo is perfect. thanks for sharing.

  14. That's a wonderful transformation! I love your gate!

  15. Beautiful wreath!! Merry Christmas!

  16. Beautiful wreath Tracy. I made one last week, but not so traditional as yours. It looks great on your gate, makes me wish I had a gate like that LOL

  17. What a great wreath and I love that you hung it on your front gate!! I think the picture of the girls having fun would be cute for the cards :)

  18. The wreath is beautiful!

    I love the picture of the girls! They look like they are having so much fun!

  19. What a beautiful wreath. Looks great!

  20. The wreath turned out fab...look at that snow!

  21. Your wreath looks very pretty all "fluffed up". Great pic of the girls and can't wait to see the wreath your daughter is making for you also.

  22. Great wreath, love the photo looks like fun :)

  23. Pretty wreath, I still have to hang ours up hehe.. I am so behind on Christmas decorations this year.

  24. What fun for pictures! Your wreath looks great- kinda like a card I made that I am still waiting to post on my blog. It WAS for a photo inspiration challenge, but that was when all the Internet issues really were going. We are still getting back on track. I will let you figure out which one when I get them posted. ;0)

  25. Beautiful wreath, even more beautiful daughters!

  26. Your garlands and wreaths are beautiful. Looking at your decorations makes me feel a bit more in the Christmas spirit. How fun!

    The photo of your girls is awesome. You and Wayne are blessed to have each other and those girls are fantastic.

    Love - Leslie


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