Saturday, December 29, 2012

Warming up my brain

I bet you were hoping to see some more of my daughters' December Daily pages weren't you.
Well so was I....but I got kind of stumped.
1. I had a lot of things on my mind today.
2. I didn't make it to my craft room at all.
3. I had to figure out what photos to use and on what days.

So I grabbed myself a nice warm mug of hot chocolate and got to work.

I realized this would have been way more easier if I had printed out photos daily (I do have a Selphy) no excuses...except that I seem to procrastinate, teehee. Now that's an understatement ;)
So I did what I did when I was catching up on my Project 365, when I was 9 months behind. Yes you read that right "9 months" not 9 days or even 9 weeks......9 months.
And if you think about it, making these albums for my daughters is like doing 3 months of Project 365 isn't it.

I wrote down my girls names and then the days of the month. Lastly what they were doing during those days and some photos that went with those days.
If I didn't have a photo for that day I would put in a filler photo.
Ashley and Kristy were a bit easier then Heather, as they both have a Facebook page and Instagram, so I just nabbed their photos ;)
Heather has a Facebook page, but I don't think she has been on it in over a year and no Instagram. So any photos for her, I took.
I put them all on a jump drive so I can print them all up at once tomorrow.
Wish me luck. 

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I watched all of the Resident Evils movies as I was figuring out the DDs for my DD's, teehee.
I got to stay home all day. So I didn't end up going to my LSS for her last day in business. So sad that she is closing. I am sure it will be a big change for her, but when one door closes another one opens.

I hope you have all had a very creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I don't think I could catch up after being 9 months behind. I think I like my Dec. memory book, rather than a DD. sorry your LSS is closing.

  2. A nice cup of hc, with marshmallows! :0) how great that you can nab some pics for the girls! Sounds like a lot of work sorting through for the month- for THREE people! Good luck! ;0)

  3. You are a great Mum to make 3 Dec Daily books.
    Can't wait to see them

    I have a question for you Tracy. I know you make mini albums sometimes. i have watched your video's for your mini's...they are so gorgeous.

    I have some of the Michael's chipboard albums from the dollar bins. I picked them up a couple of years ago when they cleared out Xmas stuff. 2013 is the year to burn through my stash...

    I want to make up some of those mini's into books and some into banners. I have my paper and all my embellishments. How do I stick the paper to the chipboard...I have Golden gell medium (sort of like mod podge but is supposed to dry non sticky and no bubbling. I have never used it (hangs head in shame). I have glue sticks, red line strips, hermafix, and lastly the big pink gun type tape holder including the tape for holding metal.

    It seems that the pages probably need something special to adhere to the chipboard...right? What do you use?
    Do you just attach the embellies the way you normally would or do you use something stronger cuz there is no page protector?

    One more question...If you print out digis do you use a special printer? Like a laser printer?
    My inkjet pages seem to be so smudgy if even a damp finger touches them

    Thanks Tracy

  4. I dream for a cup like this full of soft marshmallow!!!!
    Thank you for your nice comment Tracy!
    Really appreciate....

    I do love your work very much, I'm a fan!!!!!

  5. Hope you have plenty of spare ink to print all those photos - you are going to be really busy:-) Hope you have a fab day.

  6. oh i love snowman soup! it is so cold here this morning i think i am going to make me a cup! i don't like coffee so maybe some snowman soup!!

  7. I didn't get much accomplished in my scrap room yesterday either. I spent the day on the couch just watching movies.

  8. Lol, I was thinking I would see some pages too! But, it's cold tonight so I think I might go make something warm to drink, with you as inspiration :) I love how you figured out the girls photos, that is SO something I would have done too!

  9. Only 9 months behind? I'm more like 9 YEARS behind for my daughter and we won't even discuss what little I've accomplished on my son's stuff. I'm impressed that you've made the commitment in the first place for THREE girls! WTG Mom!!

  10. What a great way to organize so you can print everything. I'm a month behind on Project Life, but am waiting for my printer to get here before I do anything!

    The hot chocolate with marshmallows looks delicious!

    Its so cold, I haven't even ventured outside today (or changed out of my pjs!) but I think I'll still treat myself to a nice hot drink!

  11. yummy hot chocolate! I love mine like that with lots of marshmallows.


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