Sunday, December 30, 2012

Selphy mishap

I was so upset today.
I was printing up my photos for the girls December Daily, and then my printer ate my film.

You see how I am printing 2 photos on one sheet of photo paper.
For some reason my printer won't read all the photos. So only one half of the paper had a photo on it, the other end was blank. Because I am thrifty, I put the half printed photo in again to print on the blank end.
Well learn from my mistake...Don't do that.
The film got jammed and I could not get the cartridge out!!!
Wayne worked on it for a bit.
He Fixed It!!!!
I asked him how? His reply..."Brute force".

I still see that my photo printer will not read all of my photos :(

Onto My Day:
I got to spend my whole day at home, in my comfy pants.
I worked on a project, not my December Daily though. But I will share that one in January.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. It is so frustrating when things go wrong...I'm glad you hubby was able to fix it :) That is something that I would do too, so now I
    Your Sunday sounded great, mine was similar working on crafty projects )except that I got dressed in my everyday clothes for the first time in a couple of days lol :) I love Christmas holidays
    Tfs, Cheryl

  2. Oh no! :0(. Any idea why it will to read all your photos? Can you still print photos ( elsewhere, if need be), or are they lost from getting jammed?
    Went to an open house today and we all went for a winter walk out behind our place. Hope to work on a few cards tomorrow!

  3. OMG I would have been panicking...Thank God for brute strength!

    Can't wait to see those Dec daily books.

  4. oh no what a bummer! so glad wayne was able to fix it a bit!!

    have a wonderful day!!

  5. Oh no - glad Wayne was able to fix it - hope you are able to retrieve your other photos. Have a fabulous day and Happy New Year.

  6. Nothing can screw up a great day like printer problems - Ugh! Glad he was able to get it printing again.

  7. Ugh! Technology problems are so frustrating!!
    So glad he could fix it though!!
    Happy New Year :)

  8. Glad Wayne was able to help you out. Look forward to seeing your latest project. I was working on my Dec. memory book yesterday. I need to get photos printed.

  9. How frustrating! Glad Wayne could fix it for you, handy guy! :) I like to print my photos the same way sometimes, with two prints to a 4x6. Love being thrifty!

  10. Technology problems like this are so frustrating. My DH usually fixes mine too. :)

  11. Not that it will make YOU feel any better, but it does make ME feel better to know that I'm not the only one that these crappy things happen to. It still doesn't make it any better that it happens in the first place for either of us. I sure hope you get it figured out without any damage to important stuff!

  12. so ironic - i "broke" our epson photo printer last night as well. i was gonna print pics to finish up my december daily...

  13. Yikes, glad he was able to fix it, happy new year

  14. Oh no! I'm glad Wayne was able to fix it though. Does this mean you might have to get a new one? Spending the day at home in your comfy pants is the best thing ever! :)

  15. I'm sorry that your Selphy wasn't working! I was going to order one this week, but it isn't compatible with Windows 8, and I was worried what if I had to print things from my computer.

    I'm glad that Wayne was able to fix it. And that you got to spend the whole day in comfy clothes! That is awesome :)

  16. Oh no!! I love my Selphy. I would be so sad if it died. That pink pic looks kind of neat though...


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