Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turtles Anyone?

Every year my friend Myra and I make over 300 chocolate turtles.
These are so good, its not even funny ;)
I had to leave early from our turtle making marathon.
We have been making these tasty treats for about 18 yrs now. Myra was wondering how many more years we are going to make them. I told her until we are unable to ;)

Ashley had her staff Christmas party tonight.
This is the dress that I had to pick up at the border for her yesterday :)
 Doesn't it look gorgeous on her :)
Honestly though, she looks beautiful in anything she wears.

Onto My Day:
Short post for me tonight...I will share with you why, tomorrow ;)
Sorry about not getting to visit all your blogs from the last couple of days, but between work, making chocolates, migraines and cold sores, I have been busy, teehee.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Spending the day with Myra.
2. Living in a Country where I have access to medicines that I need.
3 Chatting with a friend on the phone
4. My new cell phone :)   As you know I never really cared for cell phones...but since getting my new phone I am loving it....Wayne calls it my Woobie, LOL

I hope you have all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Those turtles look YUMMY!! The dress looks gorgeous!!

  2. She looks beautiful! Oh & I'll take a turtle please ;D

  3. Gorgeous girl! Beautifull dress.

    Yummy turtles too.

  4. Turtles look yummy. Ashley looks stunning in that dress - WOW! Have a great weekend.

  5. those turtles looks so awesome and wow what a beautiful daughter!

  6. Those turtles look amazing!

    I love Ashley's dress. She looks fabulous!

  7. No can in the ceiling this year??? Lol Your turtles always look so yummy. Ashley looks beautiful, but all your girls do. They look like their Mommy :)

    Hope you're feeling better. I'm guessing you are out of town... :)

    Lol, your woobie, Wayne is too funny!

  8. tee hee
    Ashley does look good in anything. she is a natural beauty. Sorry gotta go, need to call woobie;)

  9. Ashley looks beautiful!
    Yum on the turtles! Have not made any in about 12 years. :0(

  10. Turtles chocolate looks really good. Chocolate are awesome! Your daughter Ashley looks great in her dress.

  11. Chuckling; we just watched Mr. Mom today, it's time to give up the
    I love my iphone too, now if I can only get it to stop making noise when I'm making a video! ;p

  12. Now you've gone and made me want to actually leave my home and head to the store. Chocolate! Need it after seeing those delicious looking turtle candies :D

    Ashley is beautiful in her new dress. Hope she enjoyed her staff party. Hope your cold sore leaves quickly. Those buggers hurt.

    Love - Leslie


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