Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Its Christmas!!!!!

Here are my treasures :)
My 3 beautiful daughters, Kristy, Ashley and Heather. This was taken last night at dinner.
These girls are my heart.

Here is our tree before Wayne and I went to bed.
See told you he goes overboard at Christmas. We even hid gifts in the tree, lol.
We keep our Christmas tree lights on all night on Christmas Eve. It just looks so peaceful.

Okay I know you want to know what crafty things I got for Christmas.
Let me first explain that this year my family told me, that they will not get my anything crafty for Christmas, as I have to much already.
As correct as they are, I told them I think they have to many video games and DVD's, so I don't think I will get them any of those.
They got the point, teehee.

So Wayne bought me a rolling tote. When I go on a crop, I end up taking one of our rolling suit cases. So I am hoping that this works just as well :)
He also got me a mini tote and a tool envelope pouch. Also some B plates for my Cuttlebug, not sure about you, but mine warp real bad.
The pink thing on top is a neck pillow for when we travel, as I always fall asleep in the vehicle. I put it on today when I was on the computer and the girls came in and had a chuckle.
My girls bought me this winter jacket and a new robe.
The rest of the goodies are from Wayne...yup he spoils me ;)

Onto My Day:
Kristy woke us up at 5:30 am. She was so excited :)
Usually it is Wayne that wakes us up every Christmas morning, but Kristy beat him to the punch this year.
After opening gifts and chatting for a bit, we all headed back to bed, lol.
I teased Kristy by crawling in with her as she was the one that woke us up. Then Wayne came in her room and asked if there was room for him as well.
Sure I said. Kristy just said "Oh no", lol.

Tonight we went to my older brother Darrell's house for turkey dinner.
As cold as it was outside, it was well worth it.
We had a nice visit and a great meal.

Ashley went to her boyfriend Tyler's house for their Christmas dinner.
That's the thing when your kids get older you have to share them ;)

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas :)

Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous gifts and your tree is beautiful. You were spoilt. Glad you had a most wonderful day. Happy Boxing day:-)

  2. oh it looks like a wonderful time and wonderful presents!!

  3. Isn't there something magical about the tree on Christmas eve? I love that picture :) Your girls are beautiful, as always :) You got some awesome gifts!! Merry Christmas friend :)

  4. Your tree is beautiful. So glad you had a wonderful day. Merry Christmas!

  5. Three beauties. Although the tree is lovely, nothing compares to their good looks. Lovely on the inside and out, just like you guys.
    Yes, we have to share our kids. I don't like it but it is what it is. Mike came home with his TV today. Happy as a man can be. Big hugs friends

  6. Your daughters look lovely =)I got a rolling tote too hehe...

  7. YAY on the tote! I have had mine for a few years-back when I just had a few scrappy things and not a room for storing (in our old house). Now I use it for my CTMH gatherings (I do not usually go to scrapping things otherwise). Lovely to get spoiled! ;0)

  8. You got some awesome gifts! The tote is awesome! I have a rolling cart that I use when I take my crafty things (or when I go to the grocery store, or need to carry too much stuff to work) and I love it! I wish I had a just scrappy one though!

    Your girls are gorgeous!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Awwww, you had an awesome Christmas. Love your tree, it is so pretty. I had to chuckle at you and Wayne getting into bed with Kristy since she was the one to wake everyone up :D

    Hope you all enjoy your new goodies. Also, I love the photo of your "Treasures". Beautiful young women you have there.

    Love to you - Leslie

  10. What a pretty tree! Sounds like a wonderfully memorable Christmas. We also leave the lights on our tree over night on Christmas Eve, because Brooke sleeps in front of the tree hoping for a glimpse of Santa. She never seems to catch him in action. ;)

  11. Beautiful pictures and wow, what a great bunch of gifts you got!


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