Monday, December 3, 2012

Ashley's wreaths :)

Look what my daughter Ashley made me :)
Isn't it gorgeous.
Ashley saw this idea on Pinterest last year.  We fell in love.

So this blog post is a tutorial made for you by Ashley :)
What you will need for this project is a foam wreath.

Christmas ornaments....and lots of them.
We bought a package with 100 Christmas balls in them, and it had two different sizes in it. 

You will also need some smaller Christmas ornaments. I really like both of these packages because both have different textures. Some are shiny, sparkly or frosted.

The first step is to seperate the ornaments into the different sizes.
Starting at the outside attach the ornaments with hot glue. You will go through A LOT of hot glue. 

Ashley took this photo, can you tell ;)

After you attach all the ornaments around the outside and inside of the wreath, then it is time to cover the rest of the wreath. After that is done, you take the small ornaments and attach them in the spaces where the bigger ornaments left gaps.

 Here it is all finished. I totally LOVE this.
I need to get some wider ribbon to hang it by, but I wanted to share it with you today :)

When I had seen this I had told Ashley her Aunt Sharon would love this in blue (her favourite colour).
So Ashley made her aunt's wreath last night for her Christmas present :) 
Sharon doesn't read my blog...she couldn't, she doesn't have a computer, an iPad or even a cell phone. So no worries of her finding out.
The blue one is a bit smaller as they didn't have the same sized foam wreathes.

Onto My Day:
Worked all day.
I will probably be working all day tomorrow as well.
I was going to save the blue wreath for my blog post for tomorrow, but Ashley said that was cheating, lol.

I hope you all have had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. These crazy beautiful!! I always wanted to buy something like this, but they are not cheap. Thanks for the sharing the how to :) Also, thanks for stopping by my blog, your comment really made me smile.

  2. Ashley did a terrific job on these two wreaths. They are gorgeous and please tell her I said so.

  3. I love them both, but the blue one is my favorite.

  4. oh this is just totally beautiful!!!!! i so love them! great job ashley!!

  5. That is just stunning!!! Ashley did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow - they are fabulous. Well done Ashley they are amazing. TFS

  7. Wow! Amazing work.

  8. Wow! These are both absolutely gorgeous! I may have to try one myself. LOVE! :)

  9. These are amazing! I love them! Aunt Sharon is very lucky to be getting one of these for Christmas!!

  10. Oh My, they are gorgeous!! She makes it sound so easy but something tells me it wasn't ;D

  11. I like the blue one too. I am partial to blue and white!

  12. Beautiful! I love them both. I might buy the supplies to make this in aqua, silver and white. mmmmmmmm pretty:)
    Thank you Ashley!
    Your girls are ALL so pretty and so lucky to have each other:)

  13. Wow!!They are gorgeous:):):)

    Love the blue one best.

    Did you use any glue on them?


  14. These are gorgeous and so festive, your pictures make them look very doable. Thank you Laura.

  15. That's really beautiful, but wow, you go through a LOT of ornaments with it!

  16. WOW, the wreaths are gorgeous!!! Both of them are so beautiful.

  17. These wreaths are simply divine! I love all the bright colors and the shine! Great tutorial Ashley, and Tracy :D The blue one is going to make her Aunt giddy with delight. Well done!

    Love - Leslie


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