Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Card Holders

Yesterday, Becky shared her gift card holders on her blog, she asked if we had a certain design that we like to use.
I have been making this same design for at least the last 5 yrs.
So tonight was Friday Night Scrapbooking, and I needed to make some.

 Well, I had to make more then some, teehee.
I actually made 12, I may need to make a few more though.

Usually they have a belly band around them. But I noticed that some of the recipients weren't sure how to open them and were hesitant to rip off the belly band.

So this year I used some re-positional glue to close them.
You can see the little dot of glue in the middle of the top flap.
I also stamped a Holiday greeting as well.

Onto My Day:
Remember I had mentioned we completed our gift wrapping....well we were, until Wayne decided to buy more gifts, lol.
Now I remember the reason why I wait till the last minute to buy our Christmas gifts....because Wayne wants to keep shopping until the holidays, lol.
We did wrap all the gifts that he bought today.

Kristy and Heather made cream puffs, which they shared with my scrapbooking friends. And boy were they delicious. Kristy also made some shortbread cookies, which she shared with us all :)

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)
Here is a video on how I make my gift card holders :)

Tracy :)


  1. I actually just made a gift card holder that I saw on the Scor-Pal blog. Turned OK. Yours look pretty nifty

  2. WOW Tracy - I love these gift card holders they are so pretty and a wonderful design, have a fab weekend.

  3. Great design for your gift holders. Such pretty papers, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  4. wow we are so thinking alike my friend. i also have gift holders on my blog- first yeaterday wit h the snowman soup and now today with the holders!! totally awesome

    your are so awesome!!

  5. These are lovely, Tracy!
    You can never have too many of these...DH just picked up some Starbucks ones today when we went out for coffee. I think he is afraid we have forgotten someone!

  6. My one cartridge for my cricut will cut out a gift card holder card. I thought I posted them, but maybe that was just downloading from my camera, lol! Our Internet has continued to be super unreliable and slow. Things have been timing out it is so slow, but is working ATM! Merry Christmas to you and your family should we go offline yet again! :0)

  7. Lol, I read my name and thought I was in trouble! Your holders turned out beautiful, I love the idea of repositionable glue, I have the same issue with belly bands. Ha! That's too funny about Wayne, he loves you and the girls so much, he just can't stop shopping!

  8. Thanks for your tutorial on the gift card. Needed one made up quickly, and it fit the bill! Glad she figured out the belly band :-)

  9. I love this card!

    I do the same thing as Wayne. I just keep shopping. So now, I start early, but only buy 1 or 2 gifts at a time, so I always have lots to buy! I was even buying gifts on the day before Christmas Eve!

  10. PS. By "card" I totally meant gift card holder! My brain is just not working this week and I couldn't think of the right word until after I clicked publish!

  11. These are really nice and simple gift card holders. Thanks for the video.

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