Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hot Chocolate Mug gift sets

I put together some gift sets for some friends. We don't normally exchange gifts, but I just wanted to show them that I appreciate their friendships.

I even put a video up :)
But for those of you who don't like to watch videos....and who wouldn't want to, lol.
I have put together a photo tutorial...ohhh the things I do for you guys, lol.

First I picked up these coffee hot chocolate mugs.
You can pick these up at a dollar store as I did make one earlier with a real cute mug from there.
But I picked these ones up at Walmart. I never go there as it is crazy there. But they just opened one a little bit away from my house and I didn't feel like going across town.
These cost $1.00 each :)

I wanted to put in candy kisses instead of this straw paper...but I forgot. Yup my mind is officially on vacation ;)

I then added my snowman soup that I made the other day.

I also put in a set of my Chocolate dipped Pretzel sticks.

I wanted to use some cute cellophane bags, but couldn't find them. I wanted to use more festive tissue paper, but they didn't have that either. I was going to do some stamping on the tissue paper...but I wanted to keep it simple.

Then gather the edges to the top of the mug and squeeze and twist a bit just above the contents.

Lastly tie with this curly ribbon.

Tada...I have 5 fast and simple gifts for some unexpected friends :)
I had the goodies all prepared so it went really quick :)

Onto My Day:
I finished off my gift card holders from last night. I just had to add the tags for who there were for.
My poor Ashley is battling a real bad cold. So Kristy, Heather and Ashley did a bit more baking this afternoon then she went for a long nap. Hope she feels better soon. She was suppose to go out for dinner with her boyfriend and his family and then go to a friends party later on...but she has spent her day blowing her nose and sleeping :(

I hope you all have had a creative day.....even if it was just wrapping gifts ;)

Tracy :)


  1. I'm.ove fast and easy like that! :0)

  2. They look great...I'll be watching my mailbox for my package! ahhahahaha
    Merry Christmas you and all your family!

  3. Ooooh that is such a cute idea! Merry Christmas Jen xx

  4. Fabulous Tracy - such a lovely idea and I'm sure they will be well recieved. Sorry to hear that Ashley is not well - hope she is good for Christmas.

  5. Ok these are totally adorable! What a great gift!

  6. Merry Christmas Tracy to you and your wonderful family...
    TFS your lovely gifts that you made.. Everyone will love what you made for them...
    Weather here in Hawaii is gorgeous, sending over sunshine your way hope it melts all that snow and freezing rain....

  7. You are so thoughtful Tracy :) I love the hot chocolate mug gift sets :) I hope Ashley feels better soon. I wasn't crafty one bit yesterday. We cleaned house for our Christmas Eve dinner and then took the girls to see the lights and out to dinner :)

  8. That is such a great idea..cute, fast and easy!! I have such a hard time finding cellophane bags when I need one, it's a good thing we can think of other cute ideas when we need to!

    Thanks for your comment on Ash's tree...I bought the silver one just for that idea...that she could decorate through the year! :D Great minds think alike! ;)

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  9. I watched the video, and read the tutorial! Hahaha I love the icing bags for the hot chocolate. It just makes it look so fancy! And I love how you wrapped it, I always have a hard time wrapping mugs!

    Wal-Mart is crazy! We went on the 23rd because we needed more gift boxes. That was definitely a mistake!

  10. Cute gifts! I can't believe those mugs were only $1. What a bargain.


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