Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chocolate dipped pretzels anyone ;)

When Wayne and I were at the mall the other day I saw that Santa was reading a book to some young students.
This really touched my heart.
I love to read and encouraged my girls to read. I even volunteered when I was in grade 4-8 to help out and read and teach the younger grades to read. So this here, really touched me and made me smile :)

On Sunday Kristy and I made these Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks :)
I am giving these containers to Wayne's dad and my dad for a little extra Christmas gift :)
I picked up these cute containers from Target when we were in the States. I also picked up these large pretzel sticks from the States, as I have not seen them here in Canada...well at least not in my area.

When I give, I like to give a bit to everyone instead of a lot to just a few.
So I decided to put them in these bags and make toppers for them. We were able to fill two containers and 12 bags instead of just 5 containers :)
I think Kristy is going to be giving some to her friends and the rest are going to be given out to those who visit us this holiday :)

Here is a video for a closer look. Plus there is a video tutorial on how I made these goodies :)

When we were out I noticed these ice lights.
As you can see they have melted. I can not believe how warm it is and because of the rain, "Yes Rain" almost all of our snow has melted.
I think Mother Nature has forgot that it is suppose to be Winter here, lol.
I am not complaining as I am not a lover of cold weather, but more snow would be nice....especially for Christmas.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I went Christmas shopping and then came home and wrapped some gifts.
Besides that, our day has been pretty slow.
I am sitting here and can smell gingerbread baking in the oven. Kristy has been baking tonight.
Ashley and Kristy have scheduled baking every evening until Christmas.
Heather joins them every once in a while...but more of a taster than a baker, lol.

I hope you have all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. OMG send some to me!!! Those are so cute. I haven't seen them here either. Great gift giving!!!!

  2. Love the dipped pretzel idea! The treat bags are so fun. An easy last minute idea for whoever stops by! :) Hope you get your snow (if you really want some!). :)

  3. your treats look awesome!! such fun little gifts!!

    today and tomorrow we are supposed to get thunderstorms and then it will turn to light snow late thursday night-- thunderstorms in december- who would have thunk it? LOL!!

  4. Gorgeous little gift,love them.:):)


  5. I have dipped pretzels before. I think they are a nice gift. I am trying to finish up the baking, so I can send a box of goodies to Curtis dad in his Christmas box. Then they get a taste of lots of yummies.

  6. Wrapping, did you say wrapping? Isn't that a few days too early for you? Lol I love those treats and the containers, they're adorable!

  7. The pretzels, and the packaging, look wonderful!

  8. Love the pretzels and the goody bags :)

  9. Oh yummy - those pretzels look delicious!! We have snow on the ground and are supposed to get about 20cm on Friday - although that changes daily! It will be back with a vengeance - have a fabulous evening and a Very Merry Christmas.

  10. Love gingerbread! We had a gingerbread party last weekend and the kids had some friends over for night sliding and decorating/ eating! I have not seen the large pretzels here either- I used to dip a bunch of the small ones when the kids were wee. If you love sweet/salty, email me for an easy and yummy treat! ;0)

  11. You and your family are centered in the Christmas Spirit :D and seem to be full of amazing things to share with family and friends. Those pretzels look yummy!

    Enjoy your cookie and treat making. Hope you do have snow for Christmas instead of mud ;-)

    Love - Leslie

  12. Aw! My comment didn't work yesterday :(

    This looks amazing! I love chocolate and pretzels! What a fun gift to give out!

    That is so fun that Ashley and Kristy have a baking schedule!


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