Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crafin' Goodies and a Storm Warning

Short post tonight as I am tired from all the shopping we did today.
Plus we need to get to bed early as we saw on the news that there is a storm warning for Duluth tomorrow. We usually stop there for a few hours for lunch and for the girls to shop in Miller Hill Mall.
But we are getting up early and hoping to drive through it before it gets to bad.
If not, guess we will be spending another night in the States.

So I will share with you the other purchases I made yesterday.
I have yet to use this score-tape so excited to try it out.

These paper packs are 12x12. I have been addicted to the 6x6 paper packs lately ;)
The Starry Night pack is a Christmas gift for my SIL. She has made Christmas cards for the next 3 years (I'm not joking). So I figured she would love to make more with these papers, plus she loves the colour blue.

I forgot to mention that we went to Red Lobster last night for supper.
Is it a surprise that I got the Shrimp Trio ;)

Hi there big boy....your going to go on Wayne's plate ;)
I really don't care for lobster or crab....but that's my favourite :)

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)
I will share with you my purchases from today on tomorrows post.
Here is hoping that we don't hit the storm tomorrow, or the weather is could happen, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. hope you get back safely and avoid the storm
    i love reading your posts

  2. we had red lobster too! they were out of big boys so we got two of the smaller ones and the second one was free! LOL
    Super sweet goodies

  3. Fabulous papers and hope your journey back is a safe one.

  4. Look like you have lots of goodies so far on your trip. Safe travels!

  5. oh i love all your fun goodies- that bobunny looks fun!!

    what a yummy dinner- i love seafood!! my favorite-

  6. YUM!! LOVE Red Lobster!! I may have to get those Starry Night papers!! My Christmas cards for next year will be blue and white!

  7. You will love the score tape when you start using it. It holds so well. I wish there were a dispenser for it but because it works so well I don't mind keeping the scissors close by. Love the blue papers too.

  8. Wendy, you will love that scor tape, its awesome. I am so jealous you get to go shopping in the States and I hope you beat the storm forecasted, hugz

  9. Hope you all missed the storm and made it to your destination safe and sound. I love, love, LOVE scor tape!!! Use that stuff on everything!! Seriously, three years of Christmas cards? Now THAT is organized!! :)

  10. Be safe. Love the goodies especially the paper so pretty. The food looks yummy!

  11. Hopefully you get home safe! It's Sunday now and it looks like MN got hit pretty good with the white stuff. Nothing here.

    I love the papers you picked up. I haven't been getting any scrapbooking stuff in so long, but I desperately need to get something done. I've debated about making Christmas card this year, at least for a few special people.

  12. I hope you got home safely!

    I love everything you bought! What a great shopping trip!!

  13. Love those papers and other goodies you picked up. Hopefully you guys got home before the storm arrived. Your SIL will love the paper you chose for her. Beautiful stuff it is!

    Love - Leslie


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