Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How do you Record your Christmas card list.

How do you record your Christmas card list.
I used to keep them in this Christmas Card Record Book.
I really liked it.

Here are the inside pages.
Of course I didn't share the pages with the already filled in addresses.

Here is a close up of these pages.
What I like about them is that I can not only record the names and address of the recipients, but I can also check off who I sent them to and who I received them from.
Usually what I do is if I don't receive a card from someone for 5 years, they get removed from my list.
I say usually, because there are a few relatives that I keep on.
Or the year that I didn't receive a card from my one aunt for over 5 years, so decided to remove her from my list....then I received one from her, lol.

I said that this is HOW I used to record my Christmas card list
For the last 6 years I made a file on Wayne's computer with all the names and addresses. As well as a clip art image of a Christmas wreath.
Then I printed them on these address labels. So much more easier......
Until Wayne's computer crashed and I lost the list :(
Sure we had saved it to his external hard drive, but my laptop won't read it :(
So this year it is back to hand writing, plus hoping that I don't forget anyone.
I will be sending out about 30 cards and I am short 5.

Remember this house I saw during Halloween with the giant cat in the yard?
Well Heather and I drove by it today and now they have a giant reindeer :)

Onto My Day:
I had to run out to drop off my 3 years of business tickets for storage. I brought Heather with me, just in case the guys were to busy to help. But they were all so kind to eagerly helped me. Those bins were really heavy. I couldn't pick one up myself.
Then Heather and I went to the Hoito for Finnish pancakes, yumm.
Had a few more errands to run.
Then came home to  organize my work area. I have a little area in the basement where I keep my work supplies, photo copier, papers and monthly business tickets. I just have a bit more to do and it is in tip top shape again.

I hope you all have had a creative Tuesday :)
Tomorrow we are putting up our Christmas Tree :)

Tracy :)


  1. Whoa, that is one big deer!
    I have a check off thing in my address book that I use as well. Now I have a separate book that was in my stocking that I will use-have not started them yet!

  2. That reindeer is so big lol!!! Hope you have a great time tomorrow putting your tree up. Leigh :)

  3. Bummer on losing the electronic list! I still do it the handwritten way as well. That is a ginormous reindeer!!


  4. i still do it the old fashioned way but I love the idea of the labels...so much faster!

    I'm about half way through our tree decorating project. I say our cuz DH carried it in and bent over and plugged it in!!! teehee
    It is taking quite a while as I have to work in 20 minute segments and then sit on my heating pad...but with some great Christmas music on and the odd break for a cup of coffee it is really enjoyable, DH even took us up to Tim Hortons today and we had our coffee in and people watched!!!

  5. what a great way to keep track of your list- i might have to do this!! tfs!!

  6. Love the list idea - I think I will have to do that this year:-) Wow that reindeer is almost as big as the house! Have a great day.

  7. I used to send out tons of cards, but over the years, too many people stopped sending them out, so they went off my list. Now I have a nice small list of people I get cards from so that is who gets cards from me. No list necessary! But back in the day, this list would have been a great way to keep track. :)

  8. You are so organized! I usually just keep all my cards in with my decorations. That way I know who I have to send to. Very technical. Ummmm WTH is with that huge reindeer? Our lawyers had a HUGE Santa like that. Yuck!

  9. That is one big lawn decoration. Oh my! LOL! I do what you do with the computer file and print the labels.

  10. You know, I don't really have a list of who I send cards too. This year, I used the list of people we invited to the wedding. But last year, I just thought of everyone in my family or who I liked, and sent it to them. I like the idea of keeping a record book! I do keep all the cards we get though, so I know who we got them from last year.

    We haven't gotten any cards this year :( But our mail has been spotty - our Save the Date showed up yesterday (only 1 month + 1 day after we mailed it!) and I am missing a shutterfly package too. So frustrating!

    I hope you have fun putting up your Christmas tree! That reindeer decoration is crazy, I can't believe how big it is!!

  11. That is a big reindeer, my neighbor has a big snowman hehe... I hate it when computer crash and you lose everything saved on it. I like your address book. =)

  12. Why have I not thought of doing a list like this?!
    I just go through my address book which now has like ten different symbols by names for each year to let me know if I sent a card or not.
    And it never fails that the year I decide not to send a card, we get one!

  13. Mine is hand written in an old fashion address book lol. I make a note of the year for cards net and read. Laurab. Www.whosthischick.com

  14. You are so organized :) I have my list in an address book and I write out a list with everyone's name on it that I send a card to. If I get a card back, they get a check mark by their name. The next year, if there's no check mark, they don't get a card. I'm ruthless. Lol! That reindeer is HUGE! I wonder if they got that on sale...

  15. You could help me! LOL thanks for my wonderful card hon. I adore it:)
    big hugs,Pea

  16. Great idea for a Christmas card record. Some kind of list is necessary. Sorry to hear that all the work you did getting your system created in Wayne's computer went all pear shape.

    Have fun putting your tree up :D

    Love - Leslie

  17. I don't keep track every year. I have my address labels on the computer so that is where I start each year on who to send to. If I don't hear from someone for 2 or 3 years, then I might revise my list. Before I used the labels as my record I just used little symbols in my address book - very low tech but effective.


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