Sunday, December 9, 2012

MOA fun but not a fun trip home

HGTV was coming to Mall of America.
This is Ashley's and my favourite channel. Sadly Ashley didn't get to see her guys...Property Brothers.  There aren't suppose to be there until later in the month.

Here are my purchases from yesterday.
I was excited to pick up this Polaroid stamp, and the film strip washi tape :) 

Then we stopped at the Magic Pan Crepe Stand.
Heather, Kristy and I always go here for lunch. We end up bringing ours upstairs to the food court so we can eat with Wayne and Ashley.
I wish we had one here. I have told the girls to start a franchise ;)

The girls still had lots of shopping left in them so I went back to make a few more purchases ;)

Then it was time for dinner, drop off our purchases at the hotel....then back to Mall of America :)

We left for home today early in the morning as we heard about a storm warning and was hoping to stay ahead of it.
Wayne asked me if I wanted to stay another night in Minneapolis.
I trust Wayne's judgement when he looked outside and told me he didn't think it was all that bad out there.
Wayne is an excellent driver and is used to driving in this type of weather. We also have a 4x4x. Plus we thought we would drive the 2 hours to Duluth and then if we had to, we would stay the night in Duluth.
It took us about 3 hours to make the two hour drive, as we were stuck behind 3 snow plows. I slept through it though, teehee.
There were 4 cars in the ditch, this transport and a large SUV on its side.
Honestly though the roads weren't that just had to take it a bit slower. 

Lola (our GPS) took us a different way this time....we passed Little Canada...would that be like Little Italy, teehee.

The weather turned for the better once we got to Duluth :)
We didn't stop though. Usually we stop at Miller Hill Mall for the girls to shop and there are a couple of stores that Wayne likes to check out. But we just drove on through.
We were ahead of the storm and wanted to keep it that way.

But isn't all that snow oh so pretty :)

I see the the snow followed us home as we have been getting a bit of snow tonight.
But that's okay, we are all safe and sound at home now :)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like lots of fab shopping! That alpha die looks like fun!
    Wow, that was quite the storm...I love the beauty of that last photo!!!

  2. Yay for returning home all safe and sound!
    You will have to let me know if you like that tool. I have been looking at it for awhile now.
    I spy pretty papers but no cute stamps? WTH girl friend...? LOL

  3. expanded version super super cute

  4. Glad you had a good trip and that you got back safely. I'm here listening to the snow ploughs outside and there is supposed to be freezing rain this morning:-( I like the snow but not the freezing rain. Have a great week.

  5. Glad you arrived home safely. And that you were able to get ahead of the storm some. It will be cool to see what you create with all your new purchases.

  6. oh your shopping looks awesome!! glad you are safe and sound!!

    still no snow here-- just rain

  7. Looks like you had a fun time and I'm glad you had safe travels. It's always unnerving to me when you see other cars off the road as you pass on by.

  8. That is quite some weather! Looks like you got some fun stuff!!! Enjoy it!

  9. Whew! That sounds like quite a ride. Glad you are home safe. Fun name for your GPS. My dh calls his GPS 'Gypsy.'

  10. Great wintry photos! Glad you made it safe and sound. Enjoy your new goodies! :)

  11. Oh all that snow looks beautiful! Down here we're lucky to just get a cold front. Sometimes we're in shorts on Christmas day, just doesn't seem right, lol.

  12. Love the snow photos, and I'm so jealous that you get to go to MOA!!

  13. Look at all of your awesome goodies! That Bo Bunny pad is so cute!!! I'm glad you guys made it home safely :) We haven't had hardly any snow here for a long, long time. Last year was an off year I guess.

  14. Love your purchases, especially the film strip washi tape! The photo with the snowy trees is so pretty. x

  15. Looks like a fun trip with lots of great purchases! Glad you made it home safely.

  16. Sounds like a fun trip, other than the ride home. We are getting freezing rain here today, so far no snow yet. tfs

  17. Glad you had a safe trip!
    Snow is always so pretty. When I don't have to drive in it :)

    Love, love HGTV.
    One of my favorite channels with so many good shows!

  18. Nice scrapping haul! And that snow IS pretty :)

  19. Those crepes look delicious. I always focus on the food first. :-) Looks like you got some great goodies! Enjoy playing with them!

  20. Oh my, that is lots of snow. Looks like you had fun shopping. I've never been to Mall of America. My hubby and I are hopping to shop this Saturday.

  21. I'm glad you got home safe and sound with this crazy snow.

    That is really cool that HGTV was at the Mall of America. I've never been there before, but I really want to go!

    The polaroid frame and film strip washi tape are my favorite!

    I love all the pieces for your December Daily too! I can't wait to see the pages you make!

    And that crepe looks amazing! Its making me very very hungry!

  22. Look those goodies! Yum! Every time you post those crepes....guess what I crave? So glad that you got home safely! We have driven through some pretty awful roads throat the mountains, but dh uses caution. I always wonder how/ why vehicles will fly past us when you can barely see the road. I figure they are the ones that end up in the ditch. :0(

  23. Glad to see you made it home safe and sound! Some people just don't get it when it comes to driving in snow...

    I just love all the stuff you picked up at MOA. I haven't bought scrapbooking stuff in so long, I miss it. terribly. :(

    What is that vintagey looking paper pack in the first photo? Love it!

  24. Sounds and looks like a wonderfully fun and adventurous weekend. Glad y'all made it home safely. Love all of your new crafting supplies.


  25. Awesome goodies, oh so much snow O_O Your trip look so much fun. Full of shopping hehe..

  26. Beautiful pictures of the snow. I have to say I'm glad it is all up there and not down here ;-) You really do know how to find the good stuff in the shops. Way to go! You are making me hungry with all the food shots I'm seeing :D

    Love - Leslie


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