Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beautiful workspace.

Today for the planner challenge that "A Bowl full of Lemons" is putting on is.

Day #7 "Workspace"
This isn't my normal workspace as we are at the cottage, but the view can't be beat ;)
It was a pretty busy day. A short one at that...but then again I didn't have a long sleep last night. 
I had a can of Coke in the evening, wasn't tired so played some solitaire on my phone. By about 1:20am I figured I should just force myself to go to sleep. 
As I walked into the kitchen and saw that the microwave time stated it was 2:20am.
My phone changed to this time zone here at the cottage. 
Darn phone, it was later then I thought it was.

Then hubby started to snore....and loud. He says he is purring for me. Yea right. 
Decided to go on the couch. Get all settled in, then the tick, tick, tick of the clock gets embedded in my ears. 
Then I cant stop thinking of better was to organize my home and the cottage. 

No wonder my dreams consisted of me yelling my head off in anger, lol

Even though my evening was an adventure, I did enjoy my day. 
I got to pick some berries. 
Those purple hands are a sign of a picker, lol. 
Another 17 cups of blueberries. 
Brought my homemade drying racks. They work great. 
Wayne took down a tree that was dying. Then he split the wood and we both filled up the loader bucket with the wood and moved it all to the woodshed. 
Time for me to hit the hay. Lets hope I get a better sleep tonight ;)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday.



  1. As a fellow blogger whose husband snores... I feel for you. Hopefully you'll get some sleep tonight. Love the view and would love to have gone berry picking, looks like you scored!

  2. Wow! Look at ALL those berries! 17 cups!?

  3. WOW - berries berries berries! Your freezer will be stocked full of them :-) Beautiful workspace :-) and hope you got a better night sleep last night!

  4. Oh, boy, what a night! Hope you get more sleep in the coming days. I get that 'purring' too only it sounds more like a bear growling at my house :-) Beautiful view for working on your projects!

  5. Such gorgeous views at the cottage, I see why you love it there so much :) I sure hope you slept better last night!

  6. Beautiful view and those yummy blueberries, again. I now need to get some at the farm today on my way home. I have those nights too, you sure have to blank your mind when you go to bed. Hope it was better last night.

  7. Gorgeous view wow I could sit there all day and watch the lake. No wonder you love going to the cottage it's amazing hugs Terrie

  8. Gorgeous View!! and I hate nights like that, hopefully you'll get better rest tonight :)

  9. What a gorgeous view while you colour! I think that would help me be more creative!

    Good pickin there are the blueberry queen.

  10. What a gorgeous view while you colour! I think that would help me be more creative!

    Good pickin there are the blueberry queen.

  11. That is such a beautiful view!

    I had a night like that the other night - and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep! I hope you were able to sleep better since then!

  12. You are right, the view can't be beat.

    I'll bet he slept well, hope you did too.


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