Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Purging Paper

If you read yesterday's post, then you know that I have found a different way to store my paper pads. I think it will work great for me.
As I was working on my loose papers that I had purchased for specific layouts, and putting them in kit-like packs, I thought, why not work on my loose papers well I'm at it.
I went through all my colours.
This is how I usually store my loose papers.
I have a drawer for each colour.
I put paper on the drawer fronts and then made labels for each paper colour.

This is a great way to store my papers, but its not working for me anymore.
Like I mentioned yesterday, I like to flip through my supplies as opposed to digging through them.

So I went through all the papers in the drawers and picked out the few that I still liked or thought I may use.
I decided to purge (this word gives me a heart palpation).
I couldn't believe I purged 8" of paper!!!!
I have trouble getting rid of paper scraps, never mind full sheets of paper.
I was going to put them in 4 piles and donate them to friends or organizations.
But Kristy told me to spread them out to more people. So I am working on 9 even piles.
I posted on my personal FB page for anyone who wants the paper to come and get it :)  

Day #11 "Tabs"
I have tabs on the top and side of my planner.
The side tabs are my monthly tabs and for my creative ideas, Blog, YouTube, Home Repair and Maintenance.
The top tabs are more in detailed tabs for the side tabs.

I hope you all had a very creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Ok - so I had to go and measure the stack of paper I purged and mine is only 4 1/2 inches. So not quite as high. But I can't believe I am getting rid of that much paper!

    I feel like I am constantly organizing and reorganizing my supplies!

  2. *gasp* You said the "P" word! Unbelievable! lol
    That's a big stack of paper...good thing I don't live closer or I would be stopping by! Then I would have to reorganize all my paper too! :o)

  3. Every time I think that I'm finally organized, I have to think again, LOL.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Wow! 8" worth! Very brave indeed! ;0)

  5. Oh My!!! I try to purge a couple of times a year (so I can buy more, LOL) ... I think I would have heart palpatations too if my stack were that high!! :)

  6. oh tracy! how are you feeling?? I purge all the time. I just had a scrapbooking garage sale this summer and got rid of tons and tons of paper. i think when i have too much stuff I am less creative-- don't know why that is-- but a huge congrats!!!

  7. Ooooh lovely lots of papers - wish I lived closer! Always good to have a good sort out :-)

  8. I really am proud of you for redistributing all your paper. I like that word better :). I love how your planner looks with the side and top tabs! I've been thinking about redoing my tabs...

  9. That is quite the purge! Good for you. It certainly will make room for new beautiful papers. I still think you should be making some custom envies!

  10. That is so awesome that you were able to sort out your paper! I try to do that every time we move, but it is so hard to give things away. I recently threw out my very small scraps. Like, the ones I couldn't do anything with. It was so hard!

  11. wow that's a lot of paper - I usually purge every 6 months or so so my pile is never that big lol

  12. That's a huge step! I really need to purge some of my paper as well. It's getting out of hand. I barely dig into my stash of loose paper anymore. I just use my kit I get monthly, and the paper pads I but of lines I really, really love and usually dive into right away! But, good for you! You're just making room for some more pretty stuff!

  13. Good for you! 8 inches is a lot of extra room for new

    Love the side view shot of the tabs in your planner!

  14. Oh my, I had heart palpitations reading about that. Great job!!!

    Love the tabs, the top ones are pretty too.

  15. Well I would have been worried about your purging except that I read tomorrow's post first, so I know you still have a "little bit" of paper left. I'm sure your friends will enjoy a paper infusion into their stashes. And I'm so jealous that you have your planner so well organized.

  16. I am so proud of you for purging. I know how hard that was. Please show more on your tabs for your planner. I need help with that.


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