Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Washi Tape, Day #24

Day #24
"Brand New"
Nothing is any newer to me then my purchases from last weekend

Here is a peek at my washi tape and flair I picked up during my weekend family vacation ;)
It looks like I went a bit crazy when you put them all together like this.
But it really makes me want to break open some new pages in my planner and start decorating my weeks!!!!!

Onto My Day:
I spent a good potion of my day taking Kristy, then Heather driving.
Kristy has to wait a full year before she can take her second driving licence. But Heather can take it anytime. So I am hoping she will feel confident enough to take it before the snow comes.

Ashley came over for supper.
She ran out with me to the grocery store to pick up a few things.
She really wanted some dessert.
Funny thing is we never have dessert, so we all totally forgot about it.
So she went back to her place without dessert, teehee.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)
I didn't create or tidy up my craft room like I wanted to ....guess there is always tomorrow;)

Tracy :)


  1. Wow, Tracy! Looking at that photo I think you better take me up on the challenge I just sent you! lol Lots of fun goodies! :o)

  2. oops, messed up my comment! Anyway, love all your goodies!

  3. I think you're secretly using the Washi to wall paper your craft room. I picked up the SPOOKTACULAR Strip Die, YAY! And added to my collection of Distress Glitter. I have issues and it's great! Enjoy your goodies!

  4. Wonderful coleection of Washi. Have fun playing with it all.

    We had dessert tonight, Chocolate Cake lol

  5. WOW!!you can shop:):)
    Love all your goddies:)


  6. WOW - great shopping haul - will you look at all that Washi tape ! TFS

  7. Awesome shopping. my nine rolls of washi tape look pathetic. lol.

  8. Lots of great Washi there! Haven't tried the flair trend, going to have to check that out.

  9. It may look like a lot, but you don't really shop that much at home, unless it's to pick up basics at Michael's, so I feel all of this is justified :) Now I want dessert...

  10. I hope the girls do well with their driving. And that Heather can take her test before the snow starts!

    We never have dessert either, and when I do make it, I forget!

    Your washi is awesome! I love how diverse your collection is! You have washi for everything :)


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