Saturday, September 28, 2013

Closing up

Taking over the couch with my creative goodies.
After a long day of working at the cottage, I am relaxing by watching "The Rock", I love me some Sean Connery :) and decorating my planner pages for next month.
We did a lot today. 
Put up the storm windows, took down the solar lights, covered the patio furniture, put away the marshmallow sticks, put the umbrellas away and hooked up the snow plow. 
Yup we are bringing the plow home. Hopefully we won't need it any time soon

It was very windy today, but it was a warm wind.
It was raining pine needles and leaves, as the wind was so strong. 
Enjoyed our last sauna of the year. 
We will turn off the water and drain the pipes before we go home tomorrow. 
Day #28
"On The Shelf"
As we are at the cottage, I thought this was a fitting shelf to display my planner on for this challenge. 
At home my planner either sits on my living room or dining room table. It never sits on a shelf. I would forget to use it if it was, lol.  
I hope you all had a creative Saturday. 



  1. It looks great on that make me want to start a planner!

  2. Glad you are having a productive weekend and still managing to have a relaxing time too! :-)

  3. Sounds like you got a lot done today! My planner doesn't sit on a shelf either, but my back up planner does! Lol!

  4. Looks like a lovely fall day in your neighbourhood. Lots of stuff accomplished. Awesome planner too, love to keep one myself but seem to misplace notebooks all the time. We stay until after Thanksgiving. Very creative on Sunday two cards and a tag.

  5. Where has this year gone?! Your closing up of the cabin means that winter is not far behind. I've been trying to catch up on reading your blog, just don't have the time to leave comments. Decided to pop in today and begin to remedy that.


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