Saturday, September 21, 2013

Creative travels day 2

I have lots to share with you today.
So let's start from the beginning. 
Heather didn't like her yogurt that her and Kristy picked out for breakfast. So being the caring mom that I am. I sacrificed my healthy muffin to give to her and I had to eat the ice cream bar. You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
We were on the road by 7:03 am. 
Yes my friends we were late to Wayne's standards. And to make matters worse I-35 was closed due to roadwork, Lola 2 (our GPS) had to keep recalculating, so we were taken down back roads to get back onto the interstate. 
Oh yeah and there's a bit of a rattle in the back of the jeep, sounds like a Wibur adventure to me.

First stop Cabala's. 
While Wayne shopped the girls played checkers and I wandered.
I did pick up a new duffle bag for me. 
Next stop was Scrapbookers Too 😃
I found a few goodies. 
Pretty good eh? No paper.
But don't get to excited the shopping trip has just begun.
I picked up some prima doll stamps, washi tape and some fun flair 😀
We were all pretty hungry by now, so off to the mall. Mall of America that is.
I can't believe it was Wayne's first time having a crepe from the crepe stand. 
Maybe not the healthiest lunch, but it was delish ;)
Can you believe that Scrapfest was going on and I didn't know about it until the day we left home. Bad scrapbooker aren't I 
I think I was the only person at Archivers that wasn't here for Scrapfest. 
Ohhh, you want to see what I bought at Archivers?
Okay here it is. 
See still no paper...
Tricked ya, lol. 
I was also happy that I got to watch the always creative Tim Holtz do a demo. It is so inspiring to watch him create. 
He also demonstrated his app to me as I had asked about it. 
Funny to watch the women sneaking his finished tags. I have to say I wanted one as well... But he signed one for me last year and I didn't want to be greedy. 
After MOA, which was all day, we went to Perkins for dinner.
I had a small soup and half a sandwich no photos. But honestly it was the most healthy thing I ate all weekend. I again had water.

Then we dropped the girls off at Burnsville mall. Then Wayne took me to Joann's and the other archivers.
I was looking for Tim's stencils, but no one had them. But did get a few things from Joann's. 
That is all from my creative shopping. 
But tomorrow is Pine City Scrapbooking on our way home.

Day #21
"Colour Coded"
I really don't have a colour code system as my girls are all (more or less) adults and take care of their own lives.
So what I did for this challenge was share my month page from July. I try to colour coordinate for that month. For example July 1st is Canada day, so I used our colours red and white for that month. 
I hope you all had a very creative Saturday. I am so looking forward to creating when I get home.
Maybe start on Septembers tag 

Tracy :)


  1. Paper sneaker! Thanks for going to MOA for those of who I can't. Lots of great crafty goodies too. Yum, I love crepes!

  2. hey tracy looks like you have some great goodies there :)if you have no luck with tims stencils let me know I am in Australia but they are so cheap here and I really wouldent mind sending them to you :)

    1. That is so sweet of you Jodie.
      But I am sure the shipping will cost more then the actual stencils, lol.
      I will get them eventually, plus I am sure I can find something similar in my stash.
      But thank you so much for the offer :)

  3. Ah, yum on the crepes! Every time one of this eplaces are where I am, it is AFTER I have eaten that I discover it. 😒

  4. What a busy day for you but fun as well. That's cool you saw Tim Holtz and it wasn't planned. How did your hubby like crepe? I have not never tried one before. Pretty paper!

  5. Fabulous buys and loads of washi tape to add to your collection - more boxes will be needed :-) Cool that you saw Tim Holtz, totally jealous and the fact you didn't even know about Scrapfest - terrible :-) Safe trip home :-)

  6. Lots of fabulous goodies. Your Washi tape collection is eanding rapidly! You need to plan to go to scrap fest since you live fairy close and seem to think you should be there anyways!

  7. all those great goodies you bought. Wow love those girl stamps. I enjoy reading your blog and your adventures. TFS. P.S. I really really want some B&W washi tape I just need to find someplace to buy it that is close.

  8. Did this paper jump into your hands too? Lol! I love the stamps! So cool you got to be there during scrap fest, even if you didn't know before hand :)

  9. Oh, one more thing. The good thing about buying this new paper is you'll be able to organize it right away when you get home!

  10. So you didn't know it was Scrapfest? I would have loved to get it on one of Becky Higgins classes, but that is WAY too far from me! Looks like you got a tone of goodies!

  11. That breakfast looked delish! What's vacation for if not splurging a little? Wondering what you'll create with all that washi tape - guess I'll wait and see!

  12. rotl, a Wilbur adventure! Fun shopping trip and you didn't know about Scrapfest. unbelievable. Hope the jeep is OK.

  13. Oh cream for breakfast! So jealous! I wonder if I can get ice cream for breakfast on the honeymoon! And crepes...I want crepes now too!

    That is so cool that you were there for scrapfest. Even if you didn't know! I didn't know either, until I saw it mentioned on social media! So cool that you got to see Tim Holtz again!

    Again, I love seeing all your purchases! Especially the washi tape :)

    Hope the Jeep is okay!


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