Monday, September 23, 2013

Craft Hoarder Quiz and Day #23

Day #23
Here is my todo list for tomorrow.
I like to block out my days in 15 minute increments. I may not follow them to a "T" but I seem to get more done in my day when I make my lists like this.
Only a few more days left of this challenge that A Bowl Full Of Lemons is putting on :)

A friend of mine thought it would be fun if we took it. Funny thing is she scored very close to me, teehee.
I scored a 22. So I am a Creative Mess.
But only because I was willing to give up my loose glitter...but that is because that sh1t is messy, lol.
The Quiz states that "I am a borderline hoarder, but I am are aware of that. I know how to have fun, get messy and still keep a grip on reality (and your glue gun)" 
I like that they said I was only borderline, lol.

I would love to know what you scored on this challenge ;)
Just click on the link I posted and have fun ;)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. i am a list maker as well. i am making my list for today after school. Yesterday i hit a home run and knocked off all my tasks- so hopeing for another great one today

  2. Love your list - where did you get it and was it already hole-punched?

    1. Thank you Denise :)
      I bought the paper pad from the $1.50 bin at Michael's. It had a magnet on the back, which I just removed. As for the holes, I punched them out with my crop a dile...or big bite...can't remember the name of it ;)

  3. Great post and great list! I took the test - I am a Creative Mess too LOL! :-)

  4. Love the list, I think might need to start doing just that. Might get more achieved in my day. ;) I took the test and apparently I am "Little Miss Crafty Organizer" although if you could see my desk right now you wouldn't agree :)

  5. Not sure where my comment went to as the laptop rebooted itself. Great idea for the list, 2 hours wouldn't cut it for me to clean the craft room. I have worked in 15 minute increments with a timer. Took the Quiz I'm a boarder-line hoarder racked up 22 points.

  6. Have to check out the challenge whenI get home.

  7. I love making lists too! I always start my list with "make list" so that I can cross something off right away! lol
    Have you popped in at A Die for a Sketch lately? You might want to take a peek! :o)

  8. Thanks for the link Tracy. Fun quiz. I had better go knock over a bottle of glitter now so you don't hate me. lol

  9. I do better with a timed list too :) I took the quiz and you already know my score :)

  10. Did you post that quiz on facebook? Because I think I took it then...I'd give up my loose glitter too. Not happily, but I'd give it up. I'm also a mess! Hahaha I don't think anyone in my family would dispute that either!

  11. I don't need a test to confirm what we know. LOL but for YOU! I will take it. LOL


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