Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative travels

I love a road trip....especially a creative shopping road trip.
But before we get to that, come along with me on our journey.

I picked Heather and Kristy up from Ashley's, as they spent the night at her house last night. Sadly Ashley didn't come with on this trip. 
Wayne took off early from work.
I grabbed my water and we all hit the road a little before 12:30.
On our drive I had a little nap. I usually pick up some Junior Mints but saw these and thought they would do the trick. I like the Junior Mints better. 
When we got into Duluth we decided to go for an early supper.
So off to Red Lobster we went. 
See my healthy supper. 
Psych....I got my shrimp trio;).
But ordered water, not pop :)
I think we had dinner too early as none of us finished ours. 
After dinner we checked into our hotel, then off to Hobby Lobby. 
Even Mother Nature was happy to see me at Hobby Lobby 😃. 
Here are the goodies I picked up at Hobby Lobby with some coupons of course. 
We then went to Micheals and Hancock Fabrics. Again with coupons in hand. 
I know what your thinking. 
"She just got rid of 8" of paper and here is she buying more paper"
Well they just jumped out at me. They practically begged me to take them home. I am such a kind hearted person I couldn't just leave them there abandon on the  shelf. 
I just want to make some cards now. 

Day #20
"Handwriting"  I usually don't write, I rather print. Even when I do write I also print at the same time. Plus my writing is pretty primary.
I thought I would share my travel list. 
I hope you all had a creative Friday.
More creative shopping tomorrow so come back ya hear 😉



  1. Wow! You got some great bargains...Love the Halloween paper pad!

    I print rather than write too...Enjoyed your list...looked like one of my own.

  2. Oh wonderful goodies!!! Enjoy your fabulous trip! :-)

  3. My first thought...More paper? but it was fabulous paper. what is the pink thing in the lower right corner? what a complete list, for some reason I like to leave my hair brush at home so I bought one just for traveling. Looking forward to Saturday's trip. Have a HOOT

  4. We all knew you would end up buying more paper ;) and I knew you would get the shrimp trio. Lol!

  5. Love a good road trip. Have fun in MN! OF COURSE you bought more paper, silly. I think I would have been disappointed otherwise. LOL :)

  6. I love when you go on a road trip and you share all of your pretty purchases!

    Sometimes, you just have to get your favorite meal! Or in my case...every time we go out to eat!


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