Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yup another Washi Post ;)

Okay, I lied.
I said I wouldn't post about washi tape again, but here I am ;)
But in my defence, I had to share it with you, as today for the Planner Photo Challenge, is about Washi tape ;)

Day #5  is "Wishy Washi"
So here is my Washi Tape collection :)
Ohhh the colours, ohhhh the possibilities.
Ohhh I have a problem ;)

Now you may look at all these beautiful colours and patterns of washi and think, well what the heck does she do with them all.
So I thought I would share some of the things I have done with it. Click on the links if you want to check out the posts.
1. My Planner Pages of course.
2. Cards 
3. My Journal
But thats not all...oh no.
I use it to decorate the tops of my note pads. I like my supplies to be pretty.
I used to do this by adhering pattern paper to the tops of the note books, but washi tape is adhesive, so one less step ;)

I also use it to mark my turf.
Thats right, I decorate my charger cords so I know which ones are mine.
Hubby wanted skulls and cross bones for his, but I have yet to find it ;)

My artistic photo, teehee.

I also use it to back up my labels. It just adds some pretty colour to the labels :)

I also made pretty twist ties out of the washi tape.
I just sandwich a twist tie in between two pieces of washi tape.
If you can't find skinny twist ties, just visit your grocery store, they have a lot in the produce department...and hey they're free ;)

If you remember from this post here, I used to store my washi tape in floss containers. They are inexpensive and can hold a good number of tapes.
Well I was working on my 4th or 5th container and some tapes were to high and the container wouldn't close.
So I had to re-think my storage.
I picked these containers up at Target (yes we have them here in Canada now).
I like that they come in a two pack and the containers click together and have a handle at the top. Check out the photo above.

One thing I did do was add some cardboard strips to section off the tapes. I didn't like that they rolled around and got mixed up.

So there you have it another blog post about Washi Tape.
And this time I'm not promising I won't do another, lol.

Hope you all have a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. oooooo,,, i have an addiction to washi tape too! hehehe... thanks for showing some other ways to use washi tape... i usually use them on my cards/tags and the occational scrap page. =)

  2. Okay, I'm convinced. I've never used it before, but now I'm going to have to. Pinning this for later. Thanks!

  3. Yes - you are undoubtedly the queen of washi tape - and they are all so nicely organised too. Loved the idea of using washi tape to "mark your turf". We always get our flashdrives mixed up at work, this would be a good idea of marking mine in a pretty way!

  4. You are the washi queen! No doubt about it.

    Love the twist tie idea!

  5. So jealous of your washi collection! Love your idea of "marking" your stuff with it!

  6. I saw some new washi at MIchael's today - Halloween tapes that were hanging with the My Mind's Eye stuff. There might have been skulls for your hubby! :)

  7. I LOVE some washi tape!!!! It's fabulous!

  8. you are the washi tape queen!! i love it all

  9. Fabulous - look at all those washi tapes. As far as Skull and crossbones - maybe something will come out for Halloween - but I will also keep an eye out for you :-) Love those storage containers and our Target should be opening within the next month :-) Have a great day.

  10. Great collection and storage ideas!

  11. Holy stickiness batman, that's a lot of washi tape and I love how you were able to use it in such unique ways. I confess I only own about 7 rolls and haven't done much with them. Loved your ideas.

  12. I like your washi posts :) love the notebook idea!

  13. OK, I thought I was good about using and not hoarding my washi, but you are the queen of washi tape to me! (lol)
    I love the charger idea!!!

  14. Oh my! What a great collection! *drool*

  15. This looks great! I really love how you decorated your power cords, I'm totally going to do that, we are always fighting over Iphone chargers! Plus the storage solution is awesome! x

  16. Now I don't feel so bad about my washi addiction, love your ideas and uses for it. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. You are a Washi Wizard! Thanks for all of the good ideas.

  18. Those are some fantastic idea's for using up your collection ;)

  19. What fabulous ideas for the washi tape, Awesome collection I love the B&W ones. I have two rolls of washi tape, sad isn't it.

  20. I really love the idea of putting washi on your cords so you know that they are yours! I need to do that when I get home!

  21. great containers!

    Adding 1 more use for washi tape. Labeling spice jars.

  22. mikes now has the cross and skull washi with the halloween stuff. let me know if you can't find it, I will get for you next trip

  23. You have a great way of storing your washi tape! I have the owl tape too, I think it was the Sandy Lion Tape Works kind...and lol, I do the same with my charger cords!


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