Sunday, September 1, 2013

A challenge on a rainy day

This was where I was a good part of the day.
It was raining most of the day and the temperature went down to 12C/55F we could see our breath it was so cold.
That wire you see is for the Internet booster. Wayne brought it in the bedroom for me ;)
I sat in bed and coloured, wrote in my planner, checked out the Internet on my phone and checked out some stamp catalogues, so here are my planner pages from this past week. 
Talk about planners. When I was on Instagram there was a challenge going around for planner lovers from abowlfulloflemons. 
I figured why not play along. Here is my day 1. 
I checked out the new Stampin'up up catalogue. Yup all those post it notes are things I want. I have a few items checked off in my CTMH catalogue as well.  See what happens when I'm stuck inside. 
In between the rain, Wayne put the kids to work. I think they were actually happy to go outside to work, Lol. 
Notice no men in this photo. Wimped out is what they did. Even though they said more then 2 couldn't fit in the wood shed. I think that was an excuse. 
We did get a campfire in. 
We cooked marshmallows and banana boats on it. Then my FIL ran over with some wieners, I guess they had hot dogs for lunch ;)
I hope you all had a creative Sunday.
I also hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend. 


  1. Looks like lots of fun! No camping for us...we are too beat to pack and drive the 4 hours! Jet lag has fully hot now and we are wimps!

    Had the family for supper tonight...set the dining room table and picked flowers from the looked so pretty. By the time we got everything carried to the table, we were both almost falling asleep while we ate!
    DH fell asleep at supper last night...teeeheee

  2. Looks like a big list of shopping coming up with Stampin Up and CTMH - Can't wait to see what you have been colouring. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I guess you answered my last question, 55 huh? Brrr, especially compared to 80s! At least they were able to get out a little bit though :). Our ice cream was good!

  4. oh i have been wanting to try some of the stamping up ink pads!

    looks like you have been busy! love your planner

  5. Go Girl Power!! I love that they showed them

    Loving how your planner is coming along as well :)

  6. Cccold! The weather in Vancouver was lovely!

  7. This looks like a lot of fun too! I can't believe how cold it was! We are still firmly in the 90s. I'd be willing to share some of this heat...fall is my favorite and I can't wear any of my sweaters!

  8. wow, has it really been this long since I stopped by? Sorry Tracy.

    Looks like a great day. Gotta love paper catalogues. ;)


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