Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day in Photos and Day 19

My Day in Photos.
I had a busy day today.
It all started with a stop at CAA for some travel insurance.
Then to the bank to pick up some foreign money.
Then Heather, Kristy and I stopped for lunch at the food court in the mall.
Yes we had poutine again.
After this weekend I will eat healthier, I promise.
But it did get a water instead of a pop. I haven't had a can of Coke all week :)

When we left the mall, we had to run through this.
It was pouring. I mean Pouring.
Like you clothes are soaked from running 80 feet.

As I was looking for the perfect travel purse I flipped over this one to find a huge sticker on the bottom, lol.
I wonder how long this has been stuck here. I don't even know where it came from...its not mine, that I know, lol.

I picked up this movie today.
You know I love my zombie movies :)
But these are more like "infected" not zombies.
If you are a zombie lover as we are here in this family, then you will know what I mean.
But either way it was a good movie.

Day #19 "Planner Caddy"
This is not only my caddy for my planner, I also use if for my Smash book, journals and take it with me when we go to the cottage for making my cards, as it has my trimmer and adhesives in here as well.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)
An after thought here. Did anyone else update their phones to ISO 7?  If you didn't..don't do it.
I never do any updates, Wayne does them for me. Well yesterday an update came and I did it.
Wish I didn't.
I don't like the looks of it. Everything is grey and boring.
Some of the ways to get to certain things have changed. I am not one for change.
Plus I can't seem to upload photos to my Instagram. I click on the photo and it takes me back to the main page.
Not impressed.
But then again, I am not a gadget girl and like things easy peasy :)

Tracy :)


  1. Are you off on a little trip? I still have an old phone. Haven't updated to a smart phone! I am a cheapo and don't want to have to pay for a data plan.

  2. I have never had poutine but I understand people like it. I love the new IOS 7. I think it's easier to use and visually less busy. But then I like change. But not as much when technology changes. Just when you get used to something it updates and you have to start all over. Give your apps time. Instagram will send out an update with bug fixes. A lot of your apps will do this offer the coming weeks. Until then don't buy paper.

  3. There's that yummy poutine again! That rain is crazy! It rained like that here last night, over night though, so we weren't out in it. I don't know the difference between infected and zombies but that made me laugh! I'm cracking up at the sticker. Was that on the bottom of one of YOUR purses?? I'm not an iPhone or apple person, I have droid and love it. I wish there was a way you couldTake the update back :(

  4. Yum! And yay for you not drinking the soda. I am actually doing good this month. Three total :)
    I want to see that movie. Glad to hear it's good! I finally watched that movie Warm Bodies and it wasn't too bad. But I tried to watch Zombieland with Woody Harrelson and it was just too gory for me. Which is a shame because I heard it's actually funny.

    I didn't update yet. Tons of people are trying to get me to, but I am holding off. I don't like to update right away in case there are bugs. I am not the biggest fan of change though. I am a slow learner :)

  5. That poutine looks amazing! I think not drinking soda makes it a very healthy lunch!!! (I will be using this logic later when I have pizza and water for dinner!)

    I heard that the update isn't good. I also heard it can slow some of the older iphones down a lot (mine is a 4) so I am going to skip it.

    That is too funny about the sticker. I wonder where it came from!

  6. That poutine looks so so yummy! Exciting - where you off to? You off to Mall of America for Scrapfest?

  7. enjoy your trip wherever it might be. Never had poutine, the restaurant up the hill from us at the lake has a lot of different kinds too, maybe one day I will indulge. Love your tote, I have a smaller version (garden tote from the $$store. Went to the $$rama at home and picked up another pack of washi tape, this time it's blue and good for birthdays, it has pennants on one. Now I want to go to every Dollarama to see if there are any other designs. Addicting aren't they.


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