Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flower Bed Clean Up, a movie and Day 17

I finally got a chance to work on my other front flower bed.
Well, I am not sure if you could call it a flower bed as there is not one flower in it, lol.
This is my overgrown, full of weeds and other plants..or trees that shouldn't be in there front bed.
It really needed a good go through.

First thing I did was pull...and pull...and  pull all the weeds and bush and pine tree seedlings out of there.
I had to cut some of the stocks of the plants. The one plant actually grows off the root shoots, so you can't really pull them out.
I even had to take out a couple of blocks to get to some roots.
Here is my discard pile...it actually looks like another tree, lol.  The bucket was just not big enough.

Here it is all nice and neat and clean.
I had to glue my little birdhouse together. I painted this birdhouse years ago and it has weathered pretty well.
I see my "Welcome" sign needs a bit of touch up. I had painted a Welcome sign for each season quite a few years ago.
The birds will be happy as I filled up their bird seed gazebo :)

I went out to dinner with two of my friends, Lynne and Denise.
Not only did we go out for dinner we also took in a movie.
We went to see The Family. It was pretty good, there were a few dull parts, but all in all it was pretty good.

Day #17 "Creative"
I wasn't sure what to do for today, so I thought I would share my pages for next week.
I am hoping to add some colour to this page with my pens and hoping to colour an image or two :)

I hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That was quite a job tackling your flower bed. Glad you got to igo out for dinner and a movie!

  2. Wow...you were really working hard. Bet it feels good to look at that bed now and know it is fiished!

  3. awesome yard work- i just so hate it-- we need to pair up- i love to cook and you love to garden!!!! we could have a beautiful house together - LOL!!!!

  4. Your flower bed looks awesome! So much work, I bet dinner and a movie was a nice treat. Mike and I thought that movie looked funny :). I saw your pages on IG and loved them!!

  5. Fabulous job on the flowerbed, I can't imagine doing all that work in one day especially after all the work on your daughter's place. What a super finish to a hard worked day. I am a happy camper, I found a 3 roll package of Washi tape on Tuesday.....at Dollarama, now I have 5 lol.

  6. Wow! You did a great job! Sounds like a fun time with your friends, but I want to know what you had to eat?? :o)

  7. Your flower bed looks fabulous, all clean and tidy ready for the snow :-)

  8. Your flower bed looks great! You did an awesome job with all the pulling and everything. I always get confused and end up pulling out the wrong things!

    Your pages look great!

  9. I really want to see that movie!
    When the kids and I went to see Monsters University, I snapped a pic of that movie poster to text my husband.
    We love DeNiro! And Michelle Pfeiffer, too :)

  10. Wow! Looks great! Never heard of the movie until tonight on a commercial!


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