Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flower Beds need a tending

The leaves are changing colours, fall is on its way.

We left the cottage early today because Ashley needed our help.
She wanted Wayne to go and help her pick up a lawn mower and some paving stones.
When they were gone I wanted to work on Ashley's front flower bed, as they tore it apart as it was full of sod and weeds.

Ashley had a bed delivered to the border as it was free to be shipped there. Where as it was  $450.00 to be delivered to Canada...crazy.
The store didn't have enough paving stones for Ashley.
Because they couldn't do the the paving stones, Wayne decided to that we should drive to the border to pick up Ashley's bed.
So lots of driving today.

I thought it was kind of funny that I was taking care of Ashley's flower bed, when mine is so neglected, lol.
A bit over grown, weeds galore and I can't tell which bush is which.

Look, I even have a raspberry bush...that I never even planted. But I see the animals have enjoyed them :)

I even have a pine tree taking root.
How long does it take a tree to get 6" high?
Well thats the last time it was weeded.
But as I went looking for my other gardening gloves I couldn't find them. Then remembered I had both pairs at Ashley's house.
I have thorn bushes so high and thick, I can't pull them out without my gloves, lol.
I hope the weather is nice tomorrow as I plan on working on both mine and Ashley flower beds :)

Day #15
"Leaning Tower of Planners"
As you can see I only use/have one planner.
But I do use my iPad for lists (notes) and I journal about our weekend at the cottage on the drive home.
I used to have about 10 note books for 10 different things. My planner has helped me narrow it down to just this one book.
Plus I keep my planner in the same area, so I know where it is when I need it. Not like my 10 note books floating around the house ;)

I hope you all have a very creative Sunday :)
I was organizing some more papers today...will it ever be finished?

Tracy :)


  1. Good luck with working in the garden beds. I did some gardening last weekend! BAck to the grind for me tomorrow.

  2. I like the IDEA of a garden more than actual gardening. :0(
    We have shrunk ours as I barely weed excuse (in the past) was that there were red ants that would bite when I would weed. Hubby took that garden out.

  3. I so hate gardening. it is my least favorite chore. i love to be outside but the pulling of weeds has no appeal

  4. My tower of planners would have looked just like yours ;) I guess, at least someone is enjoying your raspberry bush, right? Lol

  5. That is a crazy amount of shipping! I'm sure she appreciated your help gardening. We get a few extras in our flower beds, too. The birds are helpful that way.

  6. wow! busy weekend, for sure! i think your raspberry bush and pine tree are pretty awesome "weeds!"

  7. That is some wild shipping charges!
    And I have to admit that I am glad my husband does all the planting here.
    I am so terrible about it.
    Although I did keep our porch ferns and planter flowers alive this summer :)

  8. Wow that is highway robbery. I had a garden that didn't amount to much this year so next year I will let it fallow. Looking forward to the after pictures of the flower bed. I crafted two cards yesterday and one this morning.

  9. Gardening, gardening, gardening! My lawns need doing if you feel like it :-)

  10. I hope everything went well with the flower beds!

    The raspberry bush is so cool!

  11. You could always consider it doing natural landscaping. lol

    The trees around here that turn have started to go to. Seems strange to me that some of them lose their leaves in the winter.


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