Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pie anyone ?

Day #8 " Sticky"
Most of you have seen my large sticker binder, but it was getting a bit too full, so I had to start putting them in this basket.
And here I thought I didn't even like stickers lol.

When we got home from the cottage, we had to do a couple of errands. Then we stopped off at Ashley's house for a bit of left over Birthday cake she had for her boyfriend.
On our drive we decided to go through town and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Sleeping Giant.

I didn't freeze all of our blueberries, as I promised Wayne a blueberry pie :)
Picked up the pie shell earlier last week and just realized it wasn't a deep dish.
But didn't want to go out again so just piled those luscious berries in the shell.

Added the other shell on top and sealed the edges real well.

I guess I didn't seal them well enough, as I lost some of the juiciness.
But no matter, it still tasted scrumptious :)

Watching Breaking Bad. Why do I want Walter to get away, lol. If it was the real world, I would want him to get caught and pay the price and plus, for making drugs and knowing kids could get ahold of them.
Funny how when you know its not real, that you can cheer for the bad guy, lol

I hope you all had a very creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. LOL about the stickers, I'm the same way! And the pie looks very yummy :)

    I re-uploaded the layout on my blog, not sure if that will make a difference or not though. Sorry you couldn't see it :(

  2. I'll ate a piece of your yummy looking blueberry pie!

  3. oh my that pie looks amazing!!!!

    my hubby LOVES breaking bad!

  4. So awesome seeing a picture of the Sleeping Giant it has been a while since we have driven that way. thanks for the memory. what a yummy looking pie.

  5. The pie looks delicious!! Love the view too :) Haven't seen breaking bad, I think we're the only two left on earth that haven't watched it yet. Lol! Too many other shows... Too little time...

  6. Sigh...I wish I was brave enough to bake pies.
    My husband is pretty good at them though, so I love when he is in the mood to bake one :)
    Looks delicious!

  7. Yummy blueberry pie!! Looks fab and bet it tasted delicious! Have a great week.

  8. The view from your drive is beautiful too! You just have all the pretty views this week!

    The pie look delicious!

    We are having a pie bar at the wedding, and your pie just made me think of that!

  9. OK, the blueberries are getting to me. lol I'm going to have to go to the freezer and get one of my frozen bags out and make something.

    Want a quick story, when I was a toddler, blueberries grew in our front ditch. Mum swears she could put me out there all day and know exactly where I was and what I was up to. Picking and feasting. I so miss the real deal.


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