Saturday, September 14, 2013

Taking out the chill

It was pretty chilly when we got to the cottage last night, so Wayne put on a nice toasty fire in the wood stove.
We have started to slowly close up the cottage for the year.
We covered up the docks, piled wood in the wood shed and I brought plenty of wood inside the cottage for when we come out in the winter. 
But with a view like this who wants to say goodbye to the season. 
Look at the reflection of the trees on the lake.
We will be back here to turn off the water in a week or two.
If Wayne wasn't a hunter we would still come out here in October, maybe push it to November. 

Look at this chubby little guy. 
He watched us the whole time we were covering up the docks. 
Here is my photo for Day#14 "Stuffed Full"
My planner isn't stuffed, but it's full of what I need. 
I hope you all have had a creative Saturday.
I have been working in my planner today and I think I will try and colour an image or two.



  1. Always a bit sad to close everything up for the winter.
    We head to the RV next week to change the door on our bunkie so it opens outwards. DH ordered a new steel dooe with a wondow in it. There are two windows in the bunkie but he likes lots of light!

    We have a double bed futon bunkbed with a single bunk on top...once we change the door we should be able to get a queen size bed in there...and maybe a single bunk above.

    I would like a queen size Murphy Bed and then I could use the bunkie to craft in! Just pop it up when company leaves and craft away the days while DH fishes! lol

    Have fun up there!

  2. Sad that is time to close up the cottage. Summer seemed o fly by. I am not ready for the cold weather yet. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. So sad to see summer go....having said that, it was almost 30 today and is supposed to be again tomoorw. The trouble is, the sun is in the wrong place.

  4. Great photos and yep sad to see summer go! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Gorgeous photos it must be so hard to leave! I thought fall was here, but it's suppose to be 90 on Wednesday??!! What???

  6. I wouldn't want to say goodbye to the season either! I am so jealous of your fire, it looks so wonderful!

    And I'm glad you snapped a picture of that toad (or frog?) he is adorable!

  7. Look how still that water is! Love your picture. The summer always ends too soon, doesn't it?


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