Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping Pleasure

Hubby went to camp this morning to plow some snow. I didn't go as the bed was nice and warm and I was lazy. haha.
Well I hear he had a little miss hap with his dad's deck rail. He kind of hit it with the plow and broke a few. Oopps. I know what his first job will be in the spring.
I went and brought my dad some new slippers over for him (as he broke his hip by tripping with his old ones), and I also did some paper work for him. My little sister was there visiting him. So got to see her for a bit too.

When hubby came back we took Ashley to get some pictures. Her client wanted some pictures. So I brought my little camera along and got some more pics of the deer.

My girlfriend Debbie and I went out tonight. We try to go out once a week. So 1st stop was Michael's. Then to Chapters. My two favourite stores. I purchased this journal for camp. I have one that I write in every time we go up there and then add tiny wallet size photos in it. I also stamp in it and add some pretty outdoor stickers to the pages.
Isn't this so pretty. The front flap is held closed with a magnet.
Michael's finally had the Martha Stewart scoring board that I have been waiting for for months. I had a 40% off coupon so that was a bonus. I knew I was going to receive a 50% off with my purchase to use on Saturday. I was trying to decide if I should wait to purchase it then, but Debbie convinced me to get it tonight. As it seems when there is a 50% off, most of the good stuff is already marked down to 30% off so you can't use the coupon anyway. Good advice Deb.

Kristy has her friend sleep over tonight. So I am sure it will be a late night for them.
Hope you all had a good Thursday. WooHoo Friday tomorrow.

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  1. Have fun with your new scoring board! That journal is quite pretty!


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