Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I had a busy day today.
1st Hubby washed the carpets (he does that a few times a year), then he made supper. Whooops I said I had a busy day that's right. Its all about me.

I went with my dad to physio today. I think he wanted me to go and see the progress that he is making so I wouldn't worry about him when he gets home. He did real good. Took those stairs like no body's business.
He gets out on Friday so he is sooo happy.
While I was there he was told that he had an appointment with the Chiropodist. I brought him down there after his therapy but couldn't stay as I had an appointment to take the jeep in.

Hubby came and picked me up as the jeep was in for maintenance and we went for a drive to the island. There were about 40 - 50 deer there.This big boy is looking for some snacks.

This one here was interested in us. They seemed to be spooked of the red plow on the front of the truck. They have came right to the window before in the jeep, but they didn't like the truck. Maybe because hunters drive trucks not jeeps.

I went out with my friend Debbie tonight. We used to go out every Tuesday but since there are some shows on that we both enjoy we moved it to Wed.

Debbie has had a crappy January so far so what better way to cheer up a friend then take her to Michaels. Well we did a bit of damage there and it put a smile on her face and I got some laughs out of her. Mind you who couldn't laugh with me I am funny right? Right!We went to another store then she got called into work. Work Sucks right? Right!

I want to make a Book Journal. I saw it on 2 peas website. Its to record the books that you read during the year. I saw one a few years ago at a shop but thought that it was to pricey and as always thought "Oh I could make one of those". So I got the inside pages printed out but didn't get to start the covers yet. Tomorrow, Tomorrow you'll love me tomorrow. OK sorry about that, I didn't mean to break into Annie. Mind you I was good, right? Right!

OK as you can tell I am getting tired so off to bed I go.

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  1. Tracey, your photography is wonderful! I'm thoroughly enjoying my visit to your blog and will be back again soon.


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