Sunday, January 3, 2010

I will finish

Well I am still working on my December Daily. I have worked on it most of the day.
It is my own fault that it is taking so long. As I have made all my journaling tags from scratch and inked them all. I made a template to make it easier, but buying them would have been much easier. But I never take the easy way.
I also realized I didn't develope all the pictures that I wanted or else didn't receive them all.
All in all it is turning out real nice.

Wayne made me a nice breakfast this morning of back bacon and eggs. Well actually it was this afternoon as I slept in teehee.
We have been watching a couple movies as I have been working on my album. That could be another reason why it is taking longer than planned as I have to keep running downstairs to my craft/scrap room to get materials that I need.

I haven't even ventured outdoors today. Thats a first in a long time. Mind you it was -30 this morning so a good day to stay indoors.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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