Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Finally Finished

Well I have finally finished my December Daily. I really like how it has turned out.
I wanted to do it in the same style as Ali Edwards and alot of others have done it..but I just couldn't let go. Everything had to be orderly.
My family likes it also. Ashley said that I should do an album like this for every month. Thanks for the compliment

I visited my dad in the hospital today.
Yesterday when I checked my dads mail (he lives in an apartment) I broke his lock. I put the key in and it was tough to turn the key. When I pulled the key out the whole inner part of the lock came out to. Ooops. The super said that he would fix it and put the new key under dads door. Well when I went to check his mail the lock was fixed Yeah, but there was no key under the door, just his mail.?.

Today my SIL and good friend Sharon came over for scrapbooking. We get together every Friday night to scrap. We only do this during the colder months as when the weather gets nice we head to our cottage.
Sharon was working on Christmas cards for next year.

Hope you all had a good week and enjoy the weekend.


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