Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well I bet you are wondering if my dishwasher tags are working. Lets put it this way...there were 3 glasses on the table and 1 on the counter and a couple plates in the sink.
Maybe I just have to kick @ss and take names later. Well actually I don't really need to take names as I know who the guilty parties are. But that is the saying , isn't it?

I have noticed that I haven't been as productive in my daily life lately.
I know my Hubby is home and he wants me to do everything with him. I swear we go to Canadian Tire almost 3 times a week.
I also visit my dad daily as he is still in the hospital. He maybe getting out on Friday.

But I think the main reason is that I haven't made my daily lists.
I make a list everyday and break it down by the hour or sometimes 15 minutes. I get a lot done that way.
Remember me taking about OCD yesterday. My family teases me if I put a time slot in there for my bathroom breaks, haha very funny.

So today I made something to rejuvenate my mojo. I took regular note pads from Staples and decorated them with scraps of pattern scrapbooking paper. I love these note pads as there is a margin to write the time on. They are also perforated on the top for easy and neat tearing off of the sheets.

I made 9 of these, they are so easy to do and look so cute. I used my Xyron to adhere them the pattern paper to the note pads. I have made these before. I like pretty things.

I was trying to work on my Project 365. I did see one that I loved on a blog. I tried to recreate it on the computer. Ya right, like I would know how. So I asked one of my brilliant daughters (Ashley)to help me. I don't have any good programs on my laptop so she did it on hers. She has an Apple so I would have to do it on hers. She did a beautiful job.
I will post my 1st week when we are done.

Poor Kristy has a bad cold. When she coughs it sounds like she is barking. This always happens when she gets a cold.

She stayed home this morning but went this afternoon as she said she had to go to Art. So she went this afternoon.

Heather and I went out this evening and took a picture of the sky it was so beautiful. I am not a professional at taking pictures I just use my Sony Cybershot. I get what I get no touching up, actually I don't know how.
Time for nighty night. Hope you all had a good Tuesday.



  1. Cute idea. Definitely more fun to look at and write on :)

  2. I love how cute your notepads turned out...I wanna make some, sometime, too, if they are going to look that cute. About my dog, Maggie, with the buttons sewn to her eyes...she had her eyeball ripped up and her lens and layers were hanging (ewww, gross). The vet had to sew things back together and then sew the third eyelid closed (I guess he sewed it to her outer eyelid???) for "natural healing"...the thread they use is so strong and thick so they sew buttons between the threads and the eyelid so that it doesn't rub/poke a hole through her eyelid while it heals. Weird, huh? I didn't know this before I picked her up, so imagine my surprise when I saw her for the first time with buttons sewn to her eyes.

  3. Hi! Love how your notepads came out! Very cute!! Not sure if you've seen them but you can make matching pens as well. They are called RSVP pens and you can get them at Staples. Then you just roll up the same patterned paper and stuff them inside! Really Cute!
    The bare rubber stamps are just that...no wood block, no cushion...just bare rubber.
    Thanks for visitin my blog :)


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