Friday, January 8, 2010

Michaels is going to be the death of me

I haven't been to Michaels Craft Store for a while now. Well Hubby wanted to go to Canadian Tire so he dropped my off at Michaels. Well guess what they have new $1.50 clear stamps. They also had some Christmas stamps on sale. They also had some Martha Stewart punches on sale.

Well I just grabbed a few things. $65.00 later I was a bit surprised. LOL
I figure I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't gamble (thank you Sharon for pointing that excuse out), and I don't drink coffee. So this is my only pit fall. teehee.

Sharon and her husband likes to go to the Casinos. When I told her how much I spent on stamps and such she said well at least you have something to show for it. They just spent that on the casino and didn't win. So that is will be my excuse for everything now....Well I don't gamble so I can buy some more stamps LOL. Thanks Sharon.

What is your reasoning?


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  1. My reasoning ... my husband belongs to Toastmasters. When you add up the membership dues, the travel costs, the suits he has bought just for his leadership roles in this organization, the money he put in printing up campaign flyers to run for an office, I'm still way behind in spending.


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