Friday, January 1, 2010

New Beginnings

Happy New Year.

I have made a few New Years Resolutions. Guess what I have broken almost everyone and its only the first of the month.
Here they are:
1. Get back into shape and be healthy.....Went out and hubby bought some Ringolos, had me some rice pudding and a brownie.
2. Do things and make time for me and stop running for everyone else. I wanted to stay at home and create today. My dad phoned and needed some things so off I went.
3. Organize my home. Well I did wash dishes today so there is one for me.
4. Create something everyday. Well I was busy today.
5. Start a blog. Yaah I got one down.


  1. Congrats on starting your blog - you can at least mark that off your list - yeah !

    I know what you mean - I have a whole list of things I want to do in 2010. Some are daily things and one of them didn't get done yesterday - oh well - the best laid plans....

  2. Ah! So excited to check out your first post (it turned out I had to drive on the field trip, so I couldn't read it on the bus!) This is so fun. I have a whole ton of New Year's Resolutions I never finished...but you did awesome on starting your blog!


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