Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh deer

I stayed home all day again today.Woohoo, I could get used to this.
I didn't get to be craft today though. I worked most of the day.

Hubby snow plowed the drive way today. The wind is blowing pretty hard right now. The school buses didn't run this morning due to the snow last night. Kristy didn't have to go to school because she didn't have exams. But she has one tomorrow. Good luck Kristy, as I didn't see you study so you may need it.

This afternoon there were 2 deer in the neighbour's yard across the street. The guy that lives there didn't realize that they were there (as he was walking with his head down) until he almost right up to them. We were watching, like the snoopy neighbours that we are, to see when he would notice.

Then at supper we noticed 5 deer in the other neighbours front yard. I got some pictures but they didn't turn out to well.

This is what these little cuties look like close up. Look at his cute face. Mind you I wouldn't want to get to close to him when he grows up and gets those big antlers. Them things could be dangerous.

"House" was in the house tonight Woohoo. Love that show. I laugh almost every time I see it.
Tonight is my shows are on. Intervention and Hoarders.
Hope Monday was good to you today.


  1. Wow - those deer look pretty comfy in their surroundings! I love watching hoarders, too....though sometimes I feel my blood pressure rising when the hoarder refuses to cooperate after asking for help!

  2. I agree Marlene. But I sometimes look at the stuff and think that could be used for .... LOL

  3. those pics are so great... wow.. so wonderful!


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