Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is a test & some Christmas projects

I am going to try and post some pictures. I will post some of the crafts that I had made this Christmas. Hopefully it works.
Here are some ornaments that I made. They are glass ornaments that I painted with alcohol ink.
Then I cut the initials out with my cricut out of mac tac.
I was only going to make them for the 5 of us but as they were so fun to make, I made them for everyone on my list.

I made these poppers for the kids on my list.

I filled them with chocolate kisses, chocolate balls and gum. Everyone who received them thought that they were neat. Even some of the adults got some.
These treat boxes I made for a cookie exchange. I had never been to one and didn't want to look like a newbie. The pattern wasn't big enough for all my treats so I had to alter the pattern.
The women at the cookie exchange really loved these.
Well I see it worked Yeeeaaaahhhh. But maybe the images are too big?


  1. Your glass ornaments are very pretty. I also like your cookie bags. You really did a great job on these.

  2. These are great! You've got a beautiful blog - keep it up!

  3. The ormanents are beautiful! TFS! :-)

  4. Hi Tracy! This is WAY cool that we can follow and learn together! hahahaha....I'm still figuring it all out too but it's kinda fun isn't it! I will post some pics tomorrow of my Save the Date book....the Teen needs to PC again! ;)

    Have a great day, chat more soon!


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