Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yummy Day

Today was another very cold day. It was about -15C with the wind chill it was a lot colder, maybe about -30C.
Unfortunately we had to go out today and do some errands.
Fortunately we got to go out for dinner with the Best Father in law a girl could ever have. This is my FIL Ray and his wife Joy. Both them and us got married in the month of Feb. and we always go out for dinner together. We are early this year. teehee.
They have been married going on 5 yrs and Hubby and I going on 22 yrs.

Here is hubby and I. Doesn't he look happy. LOL. Seriously this is how he looks in all his pictures. Our daughters tease him all the time about it. Ashley has taken so many pictures of us and this is as happy as he looks LOL. Sorry honey, I still love you.
Wayne even got treated to a free dessert (which was shared by all) and the staff sung Happy Birthday to him. His BDay is Feb 2 (Groundhog Day) so Joy brought him a BDay card early. The waitress saw this and assumed that it was his birthday. We did tell her that it wasn't for a week yet, but she didn't care. Everyone in the restaurant kept coming to the table and wishing him a happy birthday, they even called him by his name.
The funny thing is you have to know my hubby, he hates to be put in the lime light. He is very shy.

Ashley was looking on the Internet and this dessert caught her eye. When I was grocery shopping she phoned me to tell me all about it and asked if I could get the ingredients. The thing was there wasn't a recipe. So she told me what it looked like and we figured it out as I shopped.
Needless to say it tasted great. Looks good too doesn't it.
No craft to show you tonight. I did work on a mini book. The inside pages are made with one piece of 12x12 paper. I saw it on a site last night. There was a blurry video, no sound and the writing was in a different language. Of course I couldn't find it again so I just figured it out myself tonight. I still have to embellish it and tweak the measurements before I share it. Hopefully tomorrow.

Over the hump Wednesday. Hope yours was a good one.



  1. Desert looks yum! Funny about your DH not smiling. Mine always looks very grim too :)

  2. Both those desserts look delicious! My hubby does smile....but often it's a "forced" smile, unless I threaten him. :)

  3. Looks like a very yummy day!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!


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