Monday, April 19, 2010

Compliments and Put downs.

This morning I had to take Heather (my middle daughter) to the neurologist. Heather has a slight tremor in her middle fingers. The neurologist says that Heather has Benign Essential Tremor. It is nothing to worry about, thankfully. The doctor was very talkative. He told us that his colleague treated Katharine Hepburn who has the same thing but on a higher spectrum as Heather.
He also told us it could come out more when she was nervous. My Heather is always nervous. Actually it is hindering her from getting a job.
His advice....sometimes having a nip (drink) can help that. Oh Nice, telling my daughter to have a drink. "Oh Ya" I said, "That would look good have a nip before a job interview." LOL.
Actually all my girls are pretty shy. My worst fear was them turning to drugs or alcohol to try to overcome their shyness. Thankfully they don't like the taste of alcohol (like me). Plus they aren't into the party scene. They like to stick close to home.

As we came home from the doctor we took a few pics.
I didn't have my camera so Heather took these for me.

This is of the Sleeping Giant. The way the fog was on the lake it looked so cool. Look no ice on the lake Ya.

My oldest daughter Ashley has had her beginners drivers licence since fall of 2006. Wow, and I thought I was a procrastinator. It will expire fall of 2011. She decided that she should get her G2 soon. She is so worried that she is going to get in an accident and kill someone. Ya we all have our own anxieties.
She drove quite a few times but then she just stopped. So today she started driving again. I told her the more she drives the more confident she will be. She is going to drive everyday until she takes her driving test. She is a good driver. Just a little jumpy.

Oh ya 3rd day in a row and I got complimented on how young I look, only to be shot down by my darling daughter.
I was telling Ashley how the doctor wanted to know who I was when I took Heather today. I told him I was Heather's mother. He just looked and said you guys look about the same age (ya right). He was either you look really young for your age or Heather looks old for hers. Ya my daughter doesn't look 40+ years old.
I tell Ashley this and her response was...wait for it.... What with all those wrinkles.
What a sweet heart eh.

I got to tidy up my scrap/craft room for a bit today. I still have a long...long way to go.



  1. LOL! Leave it to your kids to bring ya right back down, huh? LOL! I think it's hilarious that your Dr. suggested a drink! That quite simply doesn't happen in the US - that darned drinking age and all! LOL! Canada is just cooler.

  2. Glad that the tremor wasn't too bad! Thank you for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog. The dentist told my 16 yr that plaque causes erectile dysfunction!!! What a great thing! The kid promptly asked for floss!

  3. *giggling* at Michele's comment above!!!

    Your daughter will become a more confident driver as she drives more often, I'm sure. I remember being nervous about it when I first started out, too. Practice makes perfect. (Become a soccer mom, and you end up practicing driving A LOT...LOL.)

  4. Kids don't spare mom's feelings. You know this Tracy. LOL! What's with the Dr. and his advice?? Ooookaaay! Nice pics. You should take pics of your craft room also! I love peeking into other people's craft rooms.

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  6. That's so funny!
    My friend once got her hair cut & hated it. She went home and told her daughter that she looked ugly and the daughter replied, "No mommy, you are one step away from ugly." ;-)

    I am glad your daughter's tremor is not too severe. I hope both Heather & Ashley overcome their nervousness so they can move forward with driving and job hunting.

  7. Fabulous images to remember an eventful day. Your girls may grow to understand some of their issues are rather common but not everyone talks about them. Hope they move onwards and upwards from there.


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