Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 3 no Coke.

Today is my 3rd day with no Coke (pop, soda for you Americans). I am totally addicted to Coca-Cola. Love it, Love it, Love it. Well I know it isn't good for me. We know all the health reasons not to drink heavy amounts of it. Heart palpation's, robs your bones of much needed calcium, gives you a burst of energy and too much sugar.
So I again am going to quit this habit. Now I am not saying that I will never drink it again. That is just unrealistic for me. I have done this before and was successful, well I guess not totally successful or I wouldn't be doing this again.
As I shared with you yesterday, my iron levels are very low. When the doctor told me that, I thought well I am not tired. Well now I know what was keeping me alert. Coca-cola. Today my 3rd day with none, I slept a lot of the day away. I woke up with a killer headache. It felt like a rail road spike was being slammed in my head. And if you know me, then you know I wouldn't take anything for it. I just slept it off.
I feel good now. But I tell you I sure would like a nice tall glass full of coke and ice. YUM.

Well today I thought that I would share with you a layout I did. It is of my family at our camp.
This picture is of my FIL and my MIL. This woman was so awesome.

I just cut this pattern paper to slip threw the embellishmentI cut this flower with my Cricut and embossed the sticky part of a dimensional pop dot.
Here is the journaling for the layout.
I moved out of the house when I was 16 yrs old. I lived with my older brother and his GF (now wife) for a few months, then they moved to Saskatchewan. So I kept the apartment and was totally on my own. I was dating hubby during all of this. Well his mother was so sweet. She would offer me supper when I was there and asked about me when I wasn't. She treated my like one of the family.
She was very shy but her and I could talk the day away. Cil adored her grandchildren. We would spend every weekend in the summer with her and we would visit her at least once a week.
Unfortunately she had to go to Hamilton to have an operation on her heart and passed away during the surgery. It seemed like she knew her fate, as she cancelled the surgery until she went to all the grand kids birthdays. She would almost warn me by telling me "if I make it through this". I would always tell her Cil you will be fine. Sadly I was wrong. She will be remembered forever. I loved this lady, I hope she knew that.
Here is to appreciating your family on this Thursday.


  1. Very pretty. BTW, I'm am American...mainly, I'm a Texan. We call all soda coke. You just have to specify what kind you want. lol. I suggest taking migraine medicine...over the assit with the withdrawals.

  2. I am sorry to hear that about your MIL...but it sounds like she prepared herself and that's great she got to go to all her grandkids birthdays one last time.

    I like the layout!!!

    I hear you on the coke addiction...I'm not a fan of soda but whenever I try and cut out coffee I get killer headaches, and even when I take Excedrin it does not help!! Hang in there :-)

  3. What a wonderful memory page! She sounds like such a wonderful woman!

  4. I don't even talk to my MIL so you was very lucky to have such a lovely one and some nice memories.
    Great layouts as well, and hope the coke withdrawels get easier.
    Happy crasfting
    Tracy x

  5. Lovely layout! DH has the same addiction to coke, it is not pretty when he does not get any! I hope you are feeling better today!

  6. I feel your pain with the coke withdrawals....not a good time! I started drinking caffeine free diet coke so that when I finally do give it up (AGAIN)...that I don't have the withdrawal headache. I type this as I'm suckin down a HUGE coke right now!!

    What a great tribute LO to you MIL...she sounds she was a lovely woman.

  7. I got over my diet coke addiction by becoming addicted to Starbucks!

  8. Your layout is so pretty. I love the colors you chose. I'm sorry about the loss of your mil - she sounds wonderful.

  9. Good for you stay strong....... Great layouts love the wave, look like you have coca cola on the brain though because you've done a teal coke wave LOL. Wonderful!

  10. Love the details on the layout! Thanks for the sunshine:)

  11. Good luck with kicking the coke habbit. I am in the same boat! One week today since I had a pop! Keep going... you can do it :)


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