Friday, April 2, 2010


Kate received my mini album. So I could post it to YouTube today. It took almost 3 hours to upload my video to YouTube. Only to be told that it was 3 minutes too long so it couldn't be posted. GRRRR. Ok so I figured I would edit it on Movie Maker.
If you know me even a smidgen, then you know that I know very little if anything about techie stuff. So I farted around (no not literally, even though we had turkey for supper tonight LOL) and figured how to shorten my video. I didn't realize how hard it was to take out only 3 mins.
Well on Movie Maker it has a button to go right to YouTube. Thats what I did. It took about 1 hour, only to tell me that some kind of stupid error had occured.
That's it not tonight. I want to throw my laptop out the window, but I love it so much I just couldn't do it.
I will try to upload it tomorrow when one of my daughters can help me.

Today we had our turkey dinner. I know most have it on Sunday. But I figured this way we can pick at it all weekend. Since you all know how much I love to cook, yes I am being sarcastic.
Hubby and I worked all afternoon on the stair wall and put in a tiny door. When he made the door frame I one of the girls to go in so I could get a picture. Ashley is always up for a laugh, so here she is.
How can you not love this girl. She is sooo funny.

Sharon my SIL came over to scrapbook tonight. She did a couple of layouts and I did some Easter treat crafts for the girls and the neighbour girls. I am not finished. I will post pics tomorrow.

Good night all, hope you all have a good weekend.



  1. OMG...I howled when I saw that picture of your daughter!!!! What a clown!


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