Saturday, April 3, 2010

I feel so honored.

I feel so loved today. I have got so many positive and kind comments about my mini album that I made for Kate. WOW.
On my YouTube channel I have received 14 comments and 107 views on my one project, not that I'm keeping track or anything, I was just shocked
I have always loved to do crafts and most of my friends and family comment on the projects that I make or give away. But most of the time I figured ya they are family, they are just being nice. But these comments are different. They are from artists and crafters, they don't' even know me. I have seen what they make and am blown away on what they create. These people took the time out to comment on something "I" made. Words can not express how I feel right now. I am SO touched.
This reminds me of my MIL. She was more like a mother to me. A mother and a dear friend. At her funeral a neighbour of hers came up to me and said you are married to Wayne right, your name is Tracy. She said Cil talked so highly of you and she said you are so creative. She was always taking about your crafts. I felt so loved at that moment.
This is bringing tears to my eyes right now thinking about it.

Ok Now onto lighter things.
Tonight hubby and I made "Slap Yo Mama Pie". I figured that the kids might take that literally and then have the excuse to give me a whack. So I said we should call it "Hit yo Daddy Pie" Just so you know, no parents were harmed. LOL.

This is the pie before the whip cream was put on top.
Looks good doesn't it. Well it isn't, LOL. Now understand this, my family Loves (with a capital "L") their sweets, but this was way to sweet. You could eat a tiny piece. Even hubby didn't go back for seconds. We usually don't have dessert as we love it, but we don't need it.
I should have stuck with the blueberry cheese cake. Humm maybe tomorrow.

I am in the process of making tiny Easter baskets for my daughters and the neighbour girls. They are turning out so cute. I will post pictures of the tomorrow.

Hope you feel as loved as I did today.
Hope you have a nice Easter.


Oh yeah this is my 101 post. wow. I haven't missed a day yet. Now that is an accomplishment.


  1. Oh so it IS a real pie! And it looks like it doesn't have too many offending ingredients to picky eaters. :-)

    That is SO nice on the crafts and the compliment from your MIL's friends. It is nice to hear.

  2. And look! I remembered to wait for that little word verification box to come up! But that's because my computer is going fast this morning.

  3. Looks good. Enjoy the holiday!

  4. OH YUM!!!!!

    And why should you be so surprised to be getting so many compliments on your work? You DO great work! You deserve every sweet compliment you get! (And I ain't kissin' yer butt, either).

  5. the pie was really good, toooo much whipped cream on it though


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