Monday, April 5, 2010

Dessert again?

I spent most of my day working.
I did go out and do some errands for my dad.
Kristy wanted Chinese food from the food court for supper tonight. We are all a bit tired of turkey since I made it on Friday and we have been eating it every night.
Then Kristy and Heather wanted a banana cream pie. I make one yummy banana cream pie.We cut it in four and pigged out on it. Ashley was out for the evening (plus she doesn't like pie) so cutting the pie in 4ths was perfect LOL. Cute eh?

Here is my piece. Doesn't that look yummy. It was LOL.

Ashley took some pictures yesterday with the eggs we (meaning me) painted. I did the eggs in alcohol ink and punched out some Martha Stewart butterflies out of sticky back vinyl and used them as a mask. They looked pretty, but they were to bright for her pictures. So we painted over them with acrylic paint.
Ashley bought this dress on our trip for a particular photo shoot she wanted to do.
This is Ashley holding the eggs. I took the picture. Sounds impressive doesn't it. Well wasn't really, she set up the camera and set all the settings, all I had to do was press the button. I love these pictures. Here is a link to her 365 pictures.

We watched "Sherlock Holmes" with (I love) Robert Downey Jr. It was pretty good. I was working during it so I would like to watch it again.

How was your Monday?



  1. awh man you guys had a good dinner tonight, i had more turkey!!

    thanks for your help with the picture btw and all of you help :)


  2. That pie looks yummy!!!! You cut it into four slices and finished it off in one sitting!?! You're my hero!!!!

  3. Hi Tracy
    wish I were there to eat that with you :) looks so yummy. they are are so cute :)
    thanks for stopping by my Blog, its good o see you there
    have a great week
    hugs rozzy xx

  4. Your pie looks soooo yummy Tracy! Yum, yum! Love the easter photo, and may have just been inspired to start the 365 project as well. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, ❦Robyn

  5. Your pie looks yummy! Love the egg photos!

  6. I saw Sherlock Holmes in the theater. I liked it a lot. Sit down and watch it!

  7. Your eggs are beautiful. The pie looks yummy as well.

  8. Yummy! I like the heart on top!

  9. Beautiful eggs and that cake looked pretty devine!!!


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