Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Poor Baby.

My poor Ashley had to get her wisdom teeth removed this morning. We had to be there bright and early at 8:30am. Her jaw pops when she chews and her jaw has been sore for the last year or so. She was suppose to get them removed a few years ago but kept making excuses.

Have you heard of mothers/daughters, twin sisters/brothers that when something happens to one the other, no matter the distance between them, the other can feel it. Well I think something like this happened to me today. As Ashley was in getting her teeth done, I was in the waiting room reading a book. As I was sitting there I had a weird taste in my mouth, it took awhile before I realized that it reminded me of when I was young and had laughing gas. Then a little later I was so tired. I tried to walk around to perk me up, but it didn't work. I pretended to read my book with my hand over my forehead (like in school) and fell asleep. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't until later that I wondered if I had the same type of experience that these people had with their loved ones. I wasn't even sure how they were going to put her under, it wasn't until later that I asked her and she told me. Humm I wonder.
Now before you judge me and call me a bad, mean mother. I want you to know that Ashley requested I video tape her. She wanted me to document her after the surgery. And she requested that I post this on my blog. She also posted it to her face book page. Ya we are a weird family. I warned you about that before though. Remember the Zombie pictures in December (in my December Daily)? See we aren't average, but that's OK. Its more fun this way LOL. I think we may watch to many movies, as all of Ashley's references are compared to movies.

Here is Ashley with a scarf around her head. She didn't want to hold the ice packs on her face so I improvised. She reminds me of those old Comedy shows.
Unfortunately Ashley has been sick. She was prescribed T3s but every time she took one she got sick. We saw them in the remains, gross. She says that the pain isn't bad, its the nausea that is getting to her.

So my day was taking care of my baby. Poor thing. She has her baby blanket wrapped around her, it is so thin and the colour looks white. Well it is almost 21 yrs old.
She took a picture of her with her blankie and her baby the other night when she had her vertigo. She called her picture "Security", and "Follow Me".

Hope your Thursday was better then ours.



  1. Oh my....this brings back too many painful memories of my own kid having her wisdom teeth extracted just two months ago. Poor thing....

  2. Feel better soon Ahsley!

  3. I've heard of connections like you have with your daughter -very cool. I hope she heals quickly.


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