Friday, April 9, 2010


I actually got to stay at home today, well I did go to Safeway before supper to pick up a couple of things. But for the most part I stayed home.
I tidied up today and had a nap. Teehee. I hit "the Wall" at about 12:30. I realized that I didn't have any pop. So it was either have a nap or some Coke. Heather suggested I take a nap, which I did. Then I had some Coke LOL.

Since my mini album isn't finished I will share with you a card I had made.
I made this card for Father's Day. It is done on shiny photo paper. My uncle Bill gave me a whole stack of about 100, 12"x18" sheets of this stuff, so I can make many cards teehee. I masked the moons with a punched piece of paper, then inked the sky with as many blues as I had :) I then took off the moons and stamped the upright trees. I stamped the trees again on a piece of acetate then turned it upside down (ink to photo paper) and rubbed the acetate with my hand to transfer the image. Does that make sense, like I said before I have trouble explaining myself LOL. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I talk a lot about my daughters, but the one that I want to focus on today is my middle daughter Heather. She is a beautiful,quiet girl. She is not quiet at home but around others she is. She is an artist. She doesn't think so, she would rather be an author.
I love her art. She doesn't like to do coloured drawings, she would rather draw and shade. Her shading is my humble opinion :)
Last year in high school her art teacher actually wanted to purchase one of her drawings. Heather knew I loved it and would want it so she declined. What a sweetie eh. Later she was wondering what he would have paid her for it LOL.
She had to have a theme for art and she choose Homeless. This is from one of those pieces. It represents serving food at a homeless shelter.
This piece of Heather's is of a statue she had to draw. The shading looks so real. It actually looks like stone. I am blown away by the folds on his shirt.A close up of the same picture.
The sad thing about this is Heather will probably not draw anymore. This saddens me as I think she has talent, and I love her art. But this isn't her passion. Even though she has a natural talent for it. Her passion is to write. I love her writings as well, but she has so many thoughts and ideas in her head that she can't finish one before the next one takes hold. Her dream is to be a published author. I hope her dreams are fulfilled.
I understand having a passion for something,as I feel the same way about my crafts. I think about doing them all the time. Before I go to bed, when I wake up, when I see something that inspires me. I think I forget more then I make LOL.
Friday was Scrapbooking night, so I got to enjoy my passion. I hope you did to, whatever your passion in life may be.


  1. Those are all wonderful! Such a talented family!

  2. WOW...amazing stuff! I just LOVE that card!

  3. I love, love, love your card. It is so beautiful.

    Your daughter is so talented. How lucky she is to have more than one thing she is really good at.

  4. Gorgeous card! Your daughter is quite talented. My son graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design and he, too, knew that there was a specific painting that I loved and would not sell it.

  5. Ok....first...
    I had to pause for a second when you said "pop". I've only been living in Pennsylvania for five years, but I haven't heard the word "pop" in so long - it sounded foreign to me! HA HA. (We call it "soda" here.)

    Second - WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! Your card is absolutely STUNNING!!! I really LOVE it!!!! Holy cow wow! (Can you tell I really love it?) I do!

    Third - Your daughter's talent is impressive. Nearly knocked me on my arse. I only WISH I could draw half that well! WOW AGAIN. She may not have the passion for it now - but I'm guessing it will return at some point. She's AMAZING!

  6. I loved your card it is very artistic. Your daughter is quite an artist! Her drawings are just so beautiful! I am sure that her writing is very good too. She will be successful at anything she chooses to do I am sure :)

  7. Wow that is a brilliant card! The color is amazing!

  8. Your card is stunning Tracy, I love the beautiful scene you have created. The colours are gorgeous...a really serene card.
    Debbie x


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