Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home Safe and Sound with some inspiration

We made it home safe and sound :)
Stopped at camp on the way to use the potty and stretch our legs. I didn't want to leave camp, it was beautiful there. I could live off canned potatoes and marshmallow's for the week, until Hubby came up this weekend ;)

I told you I had some inspiration pictures to share with you.
These were displayed at the mall, Polo Park. Everything was made with artificial flowers. So pretty isn't it?
 Here is the back of the shopping bag. As you can see from the photo above with the guy beside it, it is big.
When I saw this, I was inspired to make a card....now I just need to make some time to make the card :)
 My babies in front of one of the displays.
This is the only photo I got of them all together from this "girls trip".
 Here is yet another display. But I think they should have made the shoes red :)
The silver bows and heels are sparkly.
Now onto the fun part.
Here are the goodies I bought on our trip.
2 sizes of coils
Spellbinders die
X-Press paper
G45 Once upon a springtime 12x12 paper stack, I did get the 6x6 stack earlier in the year.
Copic liner pen
And the purchase I was most excited about.....Magnolia stamps :)
 Here is a closer look at the stamps. They even had these cute little tiny stamps.
I brought my Copics, papers, stamps and ink with me. I thought I could play around with them on our down time in the hotel. I also brought a couple magazines.
We did not have any down time, lol.
Our only down time was after midnight when we were sleeping.

Proud Tuesday:
Of all my purchases, lol.
Hubby didn't make a bigger mess of the house while we were gone. Mind you he didn't clean it either.
That I didn't order take out for supper, even though we got home at about 3:30
I am 1/2 way done my book work

What have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Oh, fabby purchases! I agree, the shoes should have been red! Proud that I saved money when we went into town and did not go to Michaels or Taco Del Mar (might tomorrow, though!)

  2. Glad you are all home safe and sound. Like the shoes--I agree, I think they should be a different colour--red would be awesome.
    Your girls are all so cute!
    Survived the day with the kids to the dentist--we drove about 90 min. down the road to Helena, because they have a pediatric dentist. They did fantastic.

  3. great photos and boy oh boy you will be busy coloring! great stamps

  4. Looks like a blast to see! Maybe they didn't want the shoes to be confused with ruby slippers, but I agree, red would definitely catch your eye way better!

    Your girls are adorable, there's another thing to be proud of for you...and that you got a photo of them together.

    I guess I'm proud that we have the tables all set up & ready to do for DS's grad party this Sat & the cake is ordered.

  5. I can see why you were inspired by those displays! They look amazing! What's even more amazing is seeing Ashley in flip flops! Haha! You picked up some great things, especially those stamps. I know you'll keep busy with those and I don't think I've seen that die before, it looks beautiful!

  6. It sounds like you really had a great time together! How fun! And great goodies!

  7. Those displays are great! I can see how they would give you inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Those displays are amazing! Sounds like a fun trip. Magnolia stamps are so cute.

  9. Tracy,
    Happy to hear you home safe & sound! Those displays are amazing

  10. I totally agree that the shoes should be red, a little wizard of oz action :0) Glad you girls made it home safely! Great stamps and goodies once again :0) Hugs!

  11. i'm sure your in stampin heaven .. have fun that for the comment on my blog stay blessed..

  12. Gorgeous photos! And I spot some Graphic 45....always love Graphic 45!!

  13. Fun photos! I agree the shoe should have been red! Down time after midnight is when I'm sleeping too!!
    Okay so I'm reading this on Wedneday so here are my Wednesday worthy whiles:
    Woke up thanking the Lord for this new day
    Washed a load of laundry-waiting for it to dry
    Walked 5,000 steps so far
    Welcomed a lengthy phone call from my first born daughter
    Wagering I'll make breakfast for dinner tonight!

    blessings Tracy-so glad you had a great time!

  14. Glad you had a fun and safe trip! I'm jealous of all your new stamps.

    I'm proud of the fact that I sent out all my emails that needed to go out and that I did a load of laundry. Baby steps, Baby steps.

  15. Love the Magnolia stamps! What Copic color do you use for skintones?

  16. I think those giant displays are such good inspo!!! lol, looks like you can translate them into cards easily!!!! :) such a pile of fun loot :)

  17. Oh, that looks like a FUN shopping trip!

    I have a package that I am hoping to get into the mail to you tomorrow. xoxoxo


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