Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Can't ask for anything better.

This morning we woke up to a Disney scene, lol.
We had chipmunks eating some bruised cherries I put out last night.
We had a squirrel feasting on some cherry pits I spit out.
We had birds swooping down to eat the sunflower seeds we put out.
And a rabbit nibbling on a corn cob we put by the deck.

It was a party for the tiny animals. They were right in front of the deck. We almost stepped on the chipmunks. Those guys are well at home here. If Hubby doesn't put out seed for them in the morning they are at the front door chipping for him to hurry up, lol.
 Now the rabbit and bunnies are more timid. I took this photo from inside the door.
But then I snuck out the side door and crawled around to this side of the deck to get some more photos, teehee.
I didn't know Jim was watching me from our guest trailer wondering what the heck I was doing crawling along the deck, lol.
 Again it is a beautiful, gorgeous day. Everyone was in the water.
Here Kristy is trying to flip Heather over off the air mattress. Wayne looks like he is just observing, but nope, he soon got in there and they flipped her :)

Here was my view of them playing in the water.
Look at my chicken white skin. Would you believe I even have a bit of a tan....yup I am that pale, lol.
I think this picture is funny, from this angle look how big my thighs look and my feet look so tiny compared to them, lol.
Good thing I shaved my legs, lol.
Not sure if I had shared this, but here in Canada it is a long weekend. So we don't have to go home til tomorrow. We do have to leave early though, as Heather has to grease the trucks. It is also month end, and I have to do the billing.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)



  1. Hi Tracy, looks like you all are having a blast. Enjoy my friend. ~Shen

  2. I looks like you are havin an awesome time and looks so cool wishin we had a lake around here to swim in. back yard kiddy pool works good to though. lol enjoy

  3. Enjoy your Civic Holiday Weekend! That chipmunk is adorable!

  4. All you were missing was a picture of you dressed up as Snow White! Haha! Nothing better than a three day weekend too! Enjoy yourself :)

  5. Such fun photos!! How funny that the chipmunk knows where his seed comes from & gets impatient waiting for it! LOL! You should be well rested & ready for a major reative out pour, at least after month end is done. ;^)

  6. OMG I would love to wake up to this kind of a scene!! You took awesome pics!!

  7. Oh my, how cute are those critters? BTW, whatever happened to the residing skunk?
    And look how looooong your legs are! :0) just think, we have had almost no sun or heat....I am even whiter than thee.....*sigh*

  8. Looks like such a fun relaxing weekend!

  9. What a gorgeous place! Looks like you are really enjoying the summer. Make the best of your extra day.

  10. Love the chipmunk photo - so cute! Glad you had a nice, long weekend!

  11. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! That chipmunk photo is great.

  12. All the little animals - how adorable! You just need that sweet Disney music playing in the background. Glad you enjoyed a beautiful weekend.

  13. It must have been wonderful seeing all those lovely critters on a morning.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  14. Looks like you are having a great long weekend. My legs look about as white as yours. Worked all day--woke up 15min before I needed to be at work. I hate starting my day like that.
    I love you have all those little critters at your door looking for breakfast.

  15. How cute is that little guy. We have an abundance of chipmunks around my house this year. I don't think I've ever seen so many. Come to think of it I haven't seen my red tail hawk this year so maybe that's why. They are very brazen too. They stand their ground and do not run away when I approach them. If I get too close they chirp at me.

    Looks like another beautiful weekend at the cottage. As for the white skin my daughter is the same way. She is in the sun EVERY day and she still glows florescent white.

  16. very nice love the pictures and the birthday card is awesome...


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