Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chilaxing at the cottage

Can you see those tiny specks in the lake?
That is Heather and Kristy floating around on air mattress'.
Not long after this photo was taken Hubby and I were in there with them.
Another beautiful day.
 Kristy and Wayne were hard at work painting one of the picnic tables. It was originally brown, but I changed the colour and now they are a beautiful, happy burgundy/red.
Even my FIL came by to tell me how much he likes the new colour :)
 Heather wanted to take the bike for a spin.
She is using her feet as breaks because Wayne scared her by telling her that the back breaks are weak, and if you only use the front ones you will flip over the handle bars, lol.  Way to go dad.
Sharon and Jim came out last night.
We have spent most of the day just lounging around chatting.
Hubby, Jim, Heather and Kristy ran to Ignace to pick up some munchies. The girls are eating healthier and didn't want to bring any junk food up this weekend.
Well I guess they changed their minds, lol.

I think I will take the quad up to the rapids and see how the berries are this year. I hear the picking isn't going to be good this year because of the late frost and not much rain.
I am also wondering how washed out the road is. Well I guess it is more like a trail as no vehicle would make it up there anymore.

Hope you all had a creative day today.
I will visit you all when I get home. The Internet here is slow. It takes about 10 min's to load a photo. I am just thankful that I am able to use the internet here.



  1. Ohhhh, so jealous that the weather is so nice that you can have a float!

  2. It looks like you're having fabulous weather up where you are! Down here in Southern Ontario, it's gorgeous and sunny, but the humidity is .... steamy and hot!

    Your cottage reminds me of many summer days spent at Marble Lake in Bancroft, Ontario when I was young -- how I miss them!

    Better late than never, I want to send you some belated birthday wishes! I saw your post a few days ago, but unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to post you a comment until now! Hope your day was fabulous!

  3. Hey, I believe Wayne! LOL!! I knew a kid in the neighborhood when I was young, who applied his front brakes instead of the rear ones, and he did, indeed, go flying over the handlebars! Road rash!!!

  4. I was hoping for lime green... Oh well...

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time! I have told the boys the same thing about the front breaks, lol. Keep enjoying yourself! Hugs!

  6. enjoy your weekend. I would love to try a quad. Never have. One of these days. I would love to come for a visit. It looks like a peaceful place.
    I knew the benches would be burgundy/red. ha ha! I was right for once. Big hugs,Pea

  7. Love your lake photos! Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend!

  8. It looks beautiful. I've been stuck inside for the last 3 days working. I'm actually doing a contract for a home purchase. Now I'm taking some time to vegetate on the computer for a little bit and wait for hubby to get home.

  9. The lake looks wonderfully inviting. And the weather seems to be co-operating too. We got home last evening after wandering in Yellowstone Park for a few days and camping. I guess it is my summer vacation. Tried to respond a couple of times on your blog but the internet was in and out. And I think more out than in. So, I just gave up. But, I am back home trying to catch up a little on blogs and laundry and soon to get some groceries.
    Enjoy your long weekend. I guess there's a lot of Canadians in town here--start of our state fair and and airshow with the Blue Angels.

  10. What a peaceful looking spot you have there! Very lucky!

    And aren't picnic tables supposed to be that color? Ours is - well more red than burgundy, but still pretty! Are getting much copic time in with the perfect weather & fun famliy time? ;^)

  11. Beautiful pictures and I love the color of the picnic tables!


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