Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butterfly Mini Album

I made this mini album for Pea.
We did a "pay it forward" and went a bit overboard, teehee.
Here is a video on the mini I made for her :)

I thought I would add some photos as well.
I enclosed the mini in a wrap around cover.
Most of the flowers are hand made, by my little hands :)
I embossed the paper. I also crackled the wings.
I mostly used Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime papers.
 I forgot to put a photo of the front page.
But to late now, I have one at the end of the photos.
The tags are removable with journal spots.
I fussy or detail cut around the flowers on the paper.
 Here is my take on an art page, teehee.
I used 3 different dies for the butterfly lady:)  I like her so much I think her sister is going to make an appearance in my HeArt Journal.
There is a large tag behind the photo matt.
 I put an envelope flip book on this page.
I put magnets on the sides so it will stay closed.
 Another large tag to journal on.
Here is how I used the Window Envelope with tag that I hosted a swap for.
 Here are the last 2 pages.
The bird cage flips up for some more journal or for a photo.
 Here is the album open all the way from the inside.
I think Pea really liked it. I am so glad that she did.
Here is a video of Pea opening it. Here . Actually she had to make 4 video's, teehee.
Onto my Day:
I cleaned my scrap/craft room. Yahoo. Well I still have some more to do. I have yet to find a place to put my new papers I purchased from my trip. Ya think I have to much paper, teehee.
I was in a frenzy looking for the registration for my jeep. As I was leaving to purchase a new one, I found it in a tiny cubby by the steering wheel. Whew, that made my day.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.



  1. Tracy, your mini album is it. Great work! ~Shen

  2. That is a beautiful mini book. I'd think I'd gone to heaven if that came through my letterbox!!!

  3. It's so pretty! Great work!

  4. oh wow tracy--such detail--the pages are so beautiful!

  5. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! That album is stunning. The little flowers, the way it opens and all of the details on the pages! Beautiful!

  6. I LOVE IT, Tracy!!! LOVE the cover design!!! I don't think the book was too simple at all, it was done perfectly for the papers you used. We always feel our work isn't up to par when we're doing it for someone special & PEA must really be someone special!! inventive was that double magnetic ribbon closure?!! You're going to start a new trend with that ya know? ;^)

  7. Wow Tracy - your album is amazing. All the flowers are gorgeous and you added so much detail. I love the butterfly lady. She looks so cool! Yeah for a clean scrap space! :)

  8. This is such a pretty album! Wonderful job!

  9. Such a beautiful album! Love all the details.

  10. Beautiful album, Tracy...I love all the neat details!

  11. Just speechless. So absolutely beautiful. The time and love you put into your projects is beyond measure. Pea is a lucky veggie :)

  12. Wow! Your album cover is awesome! I am working on a mini for a friend and am going to totally scraplift the double/gate front cover idea! Really cool!

  13. Thank you for including pictures! YouTube is blocked at work, which is where I do most of my Pea-ing and blogging from. Anyway, fantastic job on the album. Hopefully the goodies I sent you will arrive soon.

  14. Beautiful! Love all those flowers!!

  15. Gorgeous album, Tracy!!! I'm blown away-just beautiful:)

  16. So pretty! Love the colors and embellies!

  17. Holy gorgeousness, woman! Just. WOW.

  18. Awesome work love every page of it!

  19. Tracy this mini album it amazing!!! I love each detail!!! Can I feature on my blog?

  20. tracy, I am terrible. I haven't posted it yet. I feel awful but I am not feeling well at all. everytime I get on the p.c. i fall asleep. I will post it soon I promise. I have to post from schell belle and amy as well. Life is keeping me spinning.
    Love this album and you are a treasure my friend. It is still in it's safe happy spot, but i visit it often.

  21. Tracy this is amazing and your friend is so lucky to be getting such a beautiful gift. Your attention to detail and your designs are just so inspiring, I really do need to pull my finger out and have a go at an album.

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  22. Tracy, it is gorgeous! I love the cutnout wings on the cover!


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