Friday, July 29, 2011

Craft organizing at the Cottage

I am at the motel "English River Inn" using their Internet :)
They are so sweet to let me use it. As I sit here in their breakfast room (for their guests) I look out the window and watch a humming bird flutter to the feeder.
It is so relaxing at our cottage.

So last night I organized my stamped images :)
Here is how I stored them. Well actually they were crammed in a smaller container, but I left that one at home.
I like to stamp images then bring  them to camp, so I only have to bring my markers with me. Then I can leave paper, stamps and inks at home. But I stamp about 15-20 new ones each time, and only colour a few a weekend. So I have quite a few stamped images. I also had them stored by who shared images with me.
The first thing I do is to write (on the back of the stamped image) who made the stamps, type of paper it is stamped on and who (if anyone) gave it to me.
 I organized them by theme.
Greeting Farm, Magnolia, cute girls, boys, nature, this and that, and then coloured images and sentiments.
 After I had them in the piles I had to make dividers.
What better dividers then a Coke box, lol.
I will make nicer ones when I get home :)
 Here they are all nice and organized :)
I think I need to colour some of these up soon :)
 This container also has a locking lid, which is perfect.
Well today is a beautiful day.
I did lounge around in the water on the air mattress and dangled my feet into the water. That is until a horsefly kept busing around and landing on me, I hate those suckers. They take a big chunk out of you when they bite.
We painted both picnic tables...guess what colour :)

Good news I was notified that I did make it on time to be in the Greeting Farm's HeArt Journal challenge. This makes me so happy. I'm giddy.

So I am off to enjoy the rest of my day. I hope you enjoy yours :)



  1. Whoa've got lots of coloring to do!!!

    I hate horseflies, too. Nasty evil things.

    So what color are those dang picnic tables?!! You gonna keep teasing us?

  2. Doesn't it feel good to have some organization? It's rare for me though. ;^)

    I HATE those horse flies!! We get a few here, but we get mostly bothered by deer flies & they always buzz our head when we walk down the driveway or in the pool. Something about the head and the water that draws them in like magnets!

    Enjoy your weekend! Glad to see you got a "connection" for your update too!

  3. Look at you, ms. Organized! :0)
    Btw, yay for me, as dh replaced the pc with an apple. Now I have to adjust to using it!

  4. red, a deep burgundy! LOL you need to come organize me seriously. I missed you again:(

  5. Have fun coloring! :)

  6. Wow Tracy, you ahve some gorgeous images to colour, I never colour in advance, i'm scared I won't have the right papers to go with the colours I use. But we have lovely weather at the moment and I could spend sometime this weekend in the garden sat with my hubby, so I might take the plunge and sit and colour and break this silly rule of not colouring till after I have picked my papers.

    I really love the image of the lady with the unicorn, can't wait to see it coloured, it's so beautiful.

    I love organising my craft stuff and i'm always changing the way I store things. And i've just organised my images into the little sets of drawers from poundland (a shop we have here in england), I label each drawer with the brand. Hope you have a good weekend
    Happy crafting (or should I say colouring)
    Tracy x

  7. Wow, you've got lots of images prepared to color! I love organizing my craft stuff, too! Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh I think the coke dividers are perfect! And very, very organized!

  9. You are being such an organized crafter--good for you. I am glad there is somewhere you can hook up with the internet while you are away.
    I hope you get to do some colouring while you are away.

  10. I love the way you organized these, coke dividers and all ;)


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