Thursday, July 28, 2011

HeArt Journal Challenge

I am trying my hand at an art journal challenge.
Greeting Farms is putting on a HeArt Journal challenge on their site.
Becky and Steph are both playing along, so I thought I would too.
The only problem is that I took forever to figure out their site and how to upload my projects. Then when I was finished uploading it didn't work.
I was so frustrated, I wanted to cry...Steph can vouch for that, lol.
So I am not really sure if I uploaded everything on time, but I will try to play along any way.

So here is my cover of my book
 I purchased this book years ago. I think it just had water paper inside it. And only about 12 or so pages.
Because it is a 32 week challenge, I had to take the book apart and add more papers.
I am video taping my progress and will share at the end of the challenge.  If I make to the end, lol.
 The challenge was a 2 page spread, anything with wings.
I love fairies and angels. So that is what I did my pages on.
I coloured both pages with a light blue ink with a sponge.
I used a stencil edge as a mask for the clouds. I am really happy with how they turned out.
 The first page I put up a quote.
I also coloured this Greeting Farms image with my copics
I also added a tiny envelope that I covered to put in what the challenge was about. I will do that on every page.
 Close up of my coloured image.
 Here is the second page of the 2 page spread.
 Told you that I was going to put the sister angel from Pea's mini on here :)
 A closer look at the clouds :)
I am so not a journal book person. But I am trying here, lol.
I like everything to be straight and symmetrical, so this is a reach for me.
But if you look I did put some elements on an angle, teehee.

Onto My Day:
We are off to camp. Wayne is taking tomorrow off :)
Actually we are leaving in about 27 minutes. Seriously that is how Hubby is, right down to the second.

Thankful Thursday
Kristy is back at home
That I am expanding my creativity
Going to our cottage on such a beautiful day

So what are you thankful for today?



  1. Tracy, love your journal my friend. Awesome creation as always. ~Shen

  2. Beautiful start to your Art Journal! You are going to do great Tracy! Have fun at the cottage this weekend :0) I love that way your clouds turned out, you need to show how you did that :0) Hugs!!!!

  3. Really beautiful, Tracy! Love that cloud background. Hope you have a fun weekend and great weather.

  4. You are one seriously talented chick.

    BTW, you must love Wayne's know, with your OCD and all. ;) ;)

  5. Tracy, LOVE your journal, and seriously...that little angel is adorable. Your coloring is awesome, looking forward to seeing more of your journal!

  6. Tracy, this looks AWESOME!!!! If you notice, my first page has a straight line of glitter and one ever so slightly tilted butterfly. LOL! I'm having issues too! Guess that's what this is all about though, right? So, so happy you're playing along! Have a wonderful weekend at camp :)

  7. So luck to come across your excellent blog. Your blog brings me a great deal of fun.. Good luck with the site.

  8. I think you're off to a fabulous start on your art journal! I can see the clouds are a hit with everyone else as much as they are with did an excellent job on them! It's not something I can see myself really doing, but really enjoy seeing others!

  9. Beautiful!! Love all the details you added to this journal! AMAZING!

  10. this is so pretty--again your attention to details is just amazing!

  11. Beautiful journal and pages - love the angel!

  12. I think your pages are beautiful. I am definitely looking at this as a learning experience. I have such a hard time with just freestyle creating. I love how you did the background.

  13. A great start to your Journal Tracy, I just know it will be fabulous when it's finished.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  14. It's funny - I had never thought of you as "straight & symmetrical"! Your work is always so just hadn't occurred to me. But as I scroll down your page, I guess you really do have most stuff lined up nicely! Anyway, beautiful journal!

  15. Looks great! Saw from the next day's post that you got into the challenge! Yay!


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